Ricky Martin is a New Father of Twin Boys

ricky martin

Ricky Martin recently became a first time father thanks to a surrogate mother. Ricky's rep confirmed that the singer welcomed twin boys a few weeks ago.
"The children, delivered via gestational surrogacy, are healthy and already under Ricky's full-time care. Ricky is elated to begin this new chapter in his life as a parent and will be spending the remainder of the year out of the spotlight in order to spend time with his children."

Gestational surrogacy is different from traditional surrogacy in that the woman carrying Ricky Martin's twins did not contribute eggs to the process and therefore has no familial tie to the boys. In traditional surrogacy, the woman carrying the babies would be the biological mother because it is her eggs that are fertilized in the IVF process.

No other information has been provided at this time but we will let you know all the details regarding names and will post first glimpse photos of the boys when they are available. We smell a bidding war for the exclusive pics.

Congratulations to Ricky!