Jessica Simpson Stampede Light Plus Beer Girl (Photo)

jessica simpson stampede beer

Well, Jessica Simpson is really trying to be a country girl and what better way than to show the world that you drink beer while wearing your cowboy hat. Stampede Light Plus beer has announced that 'gone country' Jessica is the new spokeswoman for the Dallas based beer company.

Now you can get healthy while drinking because Stampede has vitamins to "support your active lifestyle." Sounds like a smart beer and who better to pick than smarty pants herself Jessica. Here's a little taste of what she says in the ad:

"I work out and take care of myself. But I also like a cold beer once in a while. That's why I made the smart choice with smart beer. Stampede Light, it's beer plus."

A cold beer once in a while my a!# - Jessica is reported to love her beer and once in a while translates to whenever the opportunity presents itself - no occasion would be too insignificant to throw one back for 'gone country' Jess.

Photo: Stampede Beer