Bigfoot Found in Georgia (Photos)

bigfoot photo

A group called Searching for Bigfoot, Inc. says that they have found Bigfoot in the northern woods of Georgia. A press conference will be held this Friday in Palo Alto, California.

DNA evidence and photos of the creature are going to be released at the press conference. The group is saying that it is a male and over 7 feet tall with reddish hair, blackish green eyes and weighing in at over 500 pounds. The dead animal reportedly has flat feet that are similar to human feet.

Matthew Whitton and Rick Byer, a pair of Bigfoot hunters from northern Georgia say not only have they discovered the furry carcass of a dead animal but have also seen several similar creatures that are still alive.

The chairman of the biology department at North Georgia College and State University, Tom Nelson, said that if the discovery proves to be true it would certainly rock mammalogy and open up research grants to do further investigation. He calls himself "pretty skeptical" but admits that "we always acknowledge the possibility of something new."

The group's website has the full press release.

View more photos of the creature stuffed in a freezer chest below.

  • bigfoot in freezer
  • bigfoot head

UPDATE: View Bigfoot press conference video