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Fashion designer Charlotte Ronson is the 31 year old twin sister of DJ Samantha Ronson. We’ve been following the antics of Sam, girlfriend and significant other of troubled actress Lindsay Lohan. We haven’t heard as much about her twin.

The girls were born in London into a decidedly bohemian family and raised in New York. Charlotte followed the family’s artistic vibe by developing her own unique fashion sense at an early age. Friends took notice of her distinctive style and asked her to create her 70’s inspired items for them. This led to what she called C. Ronson collection. She quickly gained recognition and was featured in Vogue, Elle, Teen Vogue and the New York Times.

Charlotte opened her flagship boutique in New York City, receiving international press coverage. She has since joined forces with Japanese apparel giant, Sanei International. They have rolled out 14 Charlotte Ronson boutiques in Japan.

The Ronson clan includes their music producer brother Mark Ronson who is a year older than his sisters. Their mother is writer and socialite Ann Dexter Jones and their father is Laurence Ronson, a real estate entrepreneur. Ann divorced him when the children were small and they were influenced musically by their stepfather, Mick Jones, guitarist for the band Foreigner.

The famous siblings did a photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar for their September issue, where they spoofed the Royal Tenenbaums. Check out all the photos below. See new photos of Lindsay & Samantha at Charlotte’s NY Runway Show during Fashion Week 2009.

UPDATE: April 6, 2009 the Ronson family visited the LAPD to find out how to get a restraining order against Lindsay Lohan.

Mark Ronson and Ann Dexter Jones Photos: WENN

Royal Tenenbaum poses: Harper’s Bazaar

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