Heath Ledger: The Dark Knight Massive Billboard Photos

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Heath Ledger appears as The Joker on a giant billboard advertising The Dark Knight on Houston Street. The ad was placed just two blocks from the Tribeca apartment building in Manhattan, where the actor died of an accidental overdose of prescription medication in January 2008.

The billboard advertisement heralds the release of the long awaited Batman flick that will open in theaters on July 18th. Ledgers fellow actors are vocal about their co-stars chances of being nominated for an Oscar. Christian Bale said:

"I do think that Heath has created an iconic villain that will stand for the ages, and of course, I would love to see him get an award. But you know, to me, you can witness his talent, celebrate his talent with this movie. Anything else is gravy. Heath has done a phenomenal enough job that I would not be surprised if he won."

Seven actors have receive posthumous Oscar nominations, and only Australian actor Peter Finch won posthumously for his performance in the 1976 movie Network. He died of a heart attack prior to the awards show.

Check out more billboard photos below.

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Photos: WENN