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Courtney Love is the latest celebrity to be banned from flying. The singer and her daughter Frances Bean Cobain were headed back to London on Monday after a stay in Los Angeles. The star was slated to attend a charity event organized by the Teenage Cancer Trust when she decided that her need for nicotine outweighed the consequences of breaking the airport no smoking laws.

The smoking violation took place in the first class lounge of Virgin Atlantic at LAX. A spokesperson for the airline confirmed that Love was prevented from boarding her flight and was not allowed to fly out until the next evening. They made a point of saying that she had not been blacklisted from flying the airlines in the future.

Love provided the following comment on the matter:

I had a fag in the first class lounge, like two hits, and they wouldn’t let me on the plane with my daughter. They made some big thing like I’m a f**king terrorist or something. It was embarrassing.”

Sounds like classic Courtney Love. Wonder how her 15 year old daughter reacted to yet another scene by her wayward parent. Being Frances Bean Cobain has it’s challenges.