Charlie Sheen and Eliot Spitzer Used the Same Call Girl


Ashley Dupre must be thrilled that now she may stay in the news a little longer. Dupre not only bedded Governor Eliot Spitzer, but now reports are surfacing that she was involved with actor Charlie Sheen too.

The Three and a Half Men star is said to have hooked up with Ashley and a couple other girls who dressed up as cheerleaders. Allegations of befriending prostitutes is nothing new for Sheen, who has been living in the fast lane for years.

Surely Dupre will reap the benefits of her new found notoriety. Hustler and Penthouse have already contacted her, among many others.

So if you have been living in a box for the last week and have not had the chance to see Ashley's hooker portfolio - check it out here.

No word from Sheen's camp on these allegations yet. Surely we will be hearing some kind of denial by the end of the day - or maybe not. Stay tuned.