Sacramento Kings Dancers/Cheerleaders Naughty Photos


Here are the racy photos of the Sacramento Kings Dance Team posing in various states of undress.

In a statement issued by the Kings, they say the photos were "published without the knowledge or permission of the Sacramento Kings Dance Team or the Sacramento Kings, and they do not adhere to the principles and values of the Sacramento Kings organization."

Uncovered by Matt Ufford at, the sexy pictures of the dancers are fulfilling naughty cheerleader fantasies all over the internet.

Ufford found himself in a catch-22 posting the photos. "If I help distribute these photos to the masses, then the fun dancers might get kicked off the squad and/or stop sharing their sexy photos, which could lead to a world in which naughty cheerleaders are restricted to fictional porn fantasies," he wrote.

"But then if I don't share the pictures then nobody gets to enjoy them, and what's the point of that?"

What's the point indeed?

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