Maxim Names Sarah Jessica Parker Unsexiest Woman


Sarah Jessica Parker not sexy? A popular U.S. men's magazine has put together a list of the unsexiest woman and Parker tops their list.

Parker, married to Matthew Broderick, was a member of the ensemble cast of Sex in the City. writers compared Parker to racehorses Barbaro and Secretariat. They were incredulous that Parker had been part of a TV series with the name sex in it - calling her a very unsexy woman.

The Maxim writers didn't stop at Parker. Runner up honors went to Amy Winehouse, singer and song writer, for her "openly hemorrhaging, translucent skin, rat's nest hair and lashes that look like surgically attached bats."

Sandra Oh, who plays Dr. Christina Yang on the wildly popular Grey's Anatomy made the list because of her skinny boyish body and the Maxim writers distain for the medical show and the whole premise of "chick doctors".

"Menoposal" Madonna came in fourth on the list due to her "decline from erotic pop goddess to old Jewish woman."

Britney Spears rounded out the group. Maxim cited her disasterous VMA Awards show appearance this year. "She has gained two kids, lost two useless ex-husbands, and put on some pudge around the middle."


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