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For those living under a rock this week, Ellen DeGeneres has been reduced to a wimpering, simpering mess over her pathetic doggie woes.

DeGeneres, popular TV talk show host of the famed Ellen DeGeneres Show, has slipped into a place where darkness reigns supreme and the light of day never shines. She has forgotten that she has an image to uphold. She has suddenly become, gasp – human.

How could she step down from her pedestal as wildly successful comedian and actor and become just one of us? It turns out she hurts like we do, cries unabashedly, and finds herself powerless to set it aside for the sake of her image or her TV audience.

The frenzied noise surrounding Ellen’s dilemma has started to ebb. This is the third day of the continuing saga and word has it Ellen DeGeneres has pulled herself together and will not speak of the issue again on her show.

Ellen – your fans understand your need to slip and fall for a short while. The pictures and videos have been gut wrenching. The time has come to shuck it off and move on. In plain language – enough already. Now get back up on that pedestal and make us laugh.