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UPDATE: It is being reported that Iggy has been placed in a new home!!! Is anyone besides me outraged by this?


Ellen DeGeneres‘ dog troubles are not over. After adopting a puppy (Iggy) from Mutts & Moms, and realizing he was not fitting in with the household, which includes cats, Ellen found a home for the pooch with her hairdresser’s family. When the agency called to check on Iggy, Ellen told them what had happened. More on this story HERE.

Mutts & Moms is now claiming that Ellen’s actions are not sincere, but a ploy to use her star power to destroy the agency.

“Ellen’s lying,” said Fink. “She is using her power and her access to the media to destroy this agency in the media. This is a woman who has signed many seven-figure contracts. She knows what she signed.”

Keith Fink, the attorney for Mutts & Moms, also claims that Ellen’s tearful plea on her show yesterday (view video below) is “all an act,” and claims Ellen’s publicist, Kelly Bush is doing all the dirty work behind the scenes.

Give me a break! Ellen DeGeneres told the agency the truth when they called. The agency went to that home under the premise of doing a “house check” and had police officers come and take that puppy away from a family with two girls, ages 11 and 12, who had grown attached to him. Who does that? That is unconscionable!

View video of Ellen’s tearful plea for Iggy on her show yesterday, and sign the petition to free Iggy below.

Sign the petition to help Ellen DeGeneres free Iggy