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Sean “Diddy” Combs, P Diddy, Puffy Combs or whatever the heck his name is right now, got into a fight yesterday. Diddy was at an afterparty in SoHo at “Kiosk” on Spring Street, where he evidentially punched a man twice in the face.

The argument was with an acquaintance Steven Acevedo. Sean Combs punching bag Acevedo told cops that the two stepped away from each other, but resumed exchanging heated insults minutes later and that an irate Combs then threw a classic syncopated one-two combo – hitting him in the face twice while screaming, “I’ll kill you, punk!”

This isn’t Sean Combs first brush with the law and I am sure it won’t be his last. I think Diddy thinks he’s invincible (just look at all of the kids he keeps having). I would like to see his picture in a line up, it will be interesting to see if charges are filed.

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