Billionaire Homes: Lifestyles of the TRULY Rich and Famous

Sure Paris and Britney may have nice digs, but how about the truly wealthy? Oprah, Steven Spielberg, Bill Gates? Take a look at these truly spectacular homes of billionaires.


Bill Gates
Medina, Wash.
Net Worth: $59 billion

Despite phasing out of his day job to focus on his philanthropic foundation, Gates remains true to his roots in Washington, where Microsoft is headquartered and where he lives with wife, Melinda. His 66,000-square-foot home is built into a hillside on the edge of Lake Washington, near Seattle. It includes a 60-foot swimming pool with an underwater music system, a domed library with two "secret" bookcase doors and a 1,000-square-foot dining room.

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Ron Perelman
East Hampton, N.Y.
Net Worth: $10 billion

In a summer home enclave filled with remarkable residences, Revlon boss Ron Perelman has a particularly notable one. Perelman bought the 57-acre estate, called "The Creeks" and set on Georgica Pond, in 1990 for $12.5 million. While that seemed high at the time, we estimate that if he were to sell today, the land alone would command $70 million, the same price he got for his Palm Beach, Fla., house in 2004.


Oprah Winfrey
Montecito, Calif.
Net Worth: $2.5 billion

Winfrey is just one of the reasons Montecito is sometimes called "Moneycito." (Neighbor Ty Warner, who made a fortune from Beanie Babies, is another.) The self-made media mogul paid $50 million for the 23,000-square-foot Georgian-style home in 2001. Besides this 43-acre property, Winfrey's real estate portfolio includes a $6.2 million Chicago apartment and an $8 million Maui property in Hawaii.


Donald Trump
Palm Beach, Fla.
Net Worth: $3 billion

The Mar-A-Lago estate, which Trump bought in 1985, may not have 475 feet of ocean frontage like Trump's $125 million Maison de l'AmitiƩ. Still, it isn't too shabby. The 62,000-square-foot main house boasts 58 bedrooms and 33 bathrooms. South Florida weather is usually pretty warm, but in case it gets cold, the property has 12 fireplaces.

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