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Adele is ready for another baby, so she’s looking to get pregnant right away!

Since becoming a mother, Adele has undergone major changes.

But even with her monumental music career, she continues to treasure motherhood. And she’d like to have another child.

She has very specific ideas about what she’d like for baby #2.

Adele in May of 2023.
Adele attends game three of the Western Conference Finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Denver Nuggets at Arena on May 20, 2023. (Photo Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Adele Shares Her Pregnancy Plans with Fans

In November of 2024, Adele’s current Las Vegas residency will come to an end.

After “Weekends With Adele” wraps, The Daily Mail reports, she’s going to focus upon priorities closer to home.

On Friday, May 17, Adele told her audience directly that Baby #2 is her new goal.

Adele in February of 2023.
Adele poses with the Best Pop Solo Performance Award for “Easy on Me” in the press room during the 65th GRAMMY Awards at Arena on February 05, 2023. (Photo Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

“Once I am done with all my obligations and all of my shows, I want to have a baby,” Adele told her audience.

“I want a girl because I’ve already got a boy,” Adele shared. Her son, Angelo, is 11.

She shares Angelo with her ex-husband, Simon Konecki.

Adele in July of 2022.
Adele performs on stage as American Express present BST Hyde Park in Hyde Park on July 01, 2022. (Photo Credit: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Adele)

Already, Adele is Imagining What Her Baby Girl Might Be Like

“I feel like she might be like the person I love the most in the world, but also probably hate the most in the world,” Adele oddly stated.

“That is what I feel will happen,” she mused. “She’s going to put me in my place all the time, isn’t she?”

Adele then referred to boyfriend Rich Paul, adding: “With me as her mother and Rich as her father, she’s going to be a bossy little queen, isn’t she?”

Adele adorned by two pride flags in July of 2022.
Adele performs on stage as American Express present BST Hyde Park in Hyde Park on July 02, 2022. (Photo Credit: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Adele)

Notably, Rich Paul is already a parent. His daughter’s name is Reonna Simone. Reonna has just graduated from Clark Atlanta University.

“It is my stepdaughter’s graduation this weekend,” Adele announced during another portion of the same Friday show. “So, I love you darling.”

Adele and Rich Paul have been in a relationship since 2021. Clearly, this has given them time to get to know each other, get to know each other’s children, and envision a future with a shared child.

Adele Desperate To Be Pregnant Again

Getting pregnant with another kid has been on Adele’s ‘to do’ list for quite some time now.

In August of 2023, Adele told fans that she felt “ready to be a mom again soon.”

“I’ve actually been writing lists,” she admitted at the time. “So every time I see a name that I like, I write it down in my phone.”

That is such a smart way to go about picking a baby name. Just be sure to look up what they all mean, and if anyone famous shares that name. Sometimes, there are some unfortunate coincidences.