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On the most recent episode of 90 Day Fiance, Devin faced a dress disaster while Nick got an awkward but important talk from her dad.

With such a short time to prepare for the nuptials, it looked like their wedding was coming apart at the seams.

However, an unusually bold spoiler has now emerged about these two.

Not only do we know that Devin and Nick made it to the altar, but we have a wealth of detail.

Devin and Nick made good impressions on viewers with their first couple of episodes. (Image Credit: TLC)

It took a few episodes, but 90 Day Fiance Season 10 introduced Devin Hoofman of Arkansas and Seungdo “Nick” Ham of Korea.

People reports that the two married on April 1 of this year, but it’s no April Fools prank. They had a 100-guest ceremony in Arkansas.

“We are most excited about our partnership in building a life together,” Devin said in an astonishingly spoilery statement to People. “We aren’t sure yet right now what our future looks like and are excited to see what happens and what we build.”

Wearing traditional hanbok, Devin and Nick make cute little heart symbols for the camera. (Image Credit: TLC)

Devin affirmed that their marriage “means no more distance and separation, which is so important to us. It means we can continue our lives with each other, together.”

At 23, Devin is very young to be married. But the callous cruelty of national borders means that she and Nick had to choose between marriage and breaking up.

Remember, Devin and Nick first met in Australia. There, they fell in love and spent months together before Devin returned home. They knew that they didn’t want to remain apart.

While wearing traditional hanbok, Nick formally proposed to Devin. (Image Credit: TLC)

While we don’t know what led to Devin and Nick sharing so many details from their wedding before it even plays out on screen, we learn more about their nuptials.

Devin shared that her mom helped plan things, including a “clean, fresh, and minimal” aesthetic with soft pink and blue.

“We wanted to choose a more modern venue,” Devin explained. “A lot of venues in Arkansas are barn-like. This one felt more contemporary, which we liked.”

Nick offered Devin a ring for their formal engagement. (Image Credit: TLC)

“I knew I wanted to wear a hanbok style dress” to walk down the aisle, Devin explained, “because that’s important to me and Nick.”

She then praised: “I also love the modesty of hanbok dresses.” As we know, some of the backup dresses that she tried were not to her taste.

“The one I chose was perfect,” Devin explained, “because it was a combination of a hanbok dress and it was white, so it was also like a traditional American wedding dress.”

Disaster! Devin’s wedding dress arrived with tacky gold worked into the fabric. (Image Credit: TLC)

“We were gifted a pair of wooden geese, which we used as our cake topper,” Devin shared.

“A pair of wooden geese in Korean tradition represents lifelong mates and eternal devotion to each other,” she explained.

“We also drank out of the same copper cup in the wedding,” Devin shared. “This is called ‘Hapgeunrye,’ and symbolizes Nick and I becoming one entity.”

Devin’s parents greeted her and Nick at the airport. (Image Credit: TLC)

After the wedding, Devin shared that they took a helicopter ride together.

“Nick was a little scared of heights at first, but then it was amazing for him to see Little Rock up in the air,” Devin described.

“The helicopter was a total gift and surprise,” she added. “And we only found out about it on the day of the ceremony.”

Devin and Nick have a really cute dynamic … most of the time. (Image Credit: TLC)

“I admire Nick’s indestructible determination,” Devin gushed.

“He always figures out a way to achieve whatever he sets his mind to and wants,” she praised.

Devin expressed: “It gives me a lot of comfort and security, because I know I can rely on him to make sure we are okay.”

Devin and Nick look great in hanbok! (Image Credit: TLC)

Devin went on to gush that their wedding felt “surreal.”

“I only ever dreamed about having everyone together celebrating with us,” she concluded. “It was beautiful.”

We’re sure that it was. But what we don’t know is why we’re only hearing from Devin, not Nick. We also don’t know why 90 Day Fiance allowed them to spoil their own storyline. Or, more intriguingly, if they broke their NDA.