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As 90 Day: The Last Resort has aired, fans have heard about Kalani Faagata’s “hall pass” boyfriend, Dallas Nuez.

Reports indicate that, in the many months since she filmed for this special, things have grown more serious.

A number of Kalani’s fans are urging her to hit the breaks on her hall-pass-turned-boyfriend.

Just because she’s ditching Asuelu doesn’t mean that she has to find a new man, right?

Kalani Faagata tells her husband that the selfishness that he employs in all other walks of life also extends to what he does in bed. (TLC)

To quote a very adorable internet parrot: What happened?

On 90 Day: The Last Resort, Asuelu Pulaa confessed to having cheated on his wife.

Kalani is his wife and the mother of his children. But, during a trip back to Samoa, he hooked up with another woman. Kalani found out, and was furious.

Sitting around the fire on 90 Day: The Last Resort, Asuelu Pulaa confesses to having cheated on his wife. (TLC)

Asuelu was desperate to convince Kalani to (once again) overlook his failings as a partner and remain married to him.

So, he offered her a “hall pass” for her own extramarital experience without it being cheating. Asuelu never expected her to take it. But Kalani took it.

But Kalani, who had never had sex before meeting Asuelu, takes sex very seriously. Between that and the fact that the guy with whom she hooked up was actually a generous lover, she’s not sure that staying married is the right choice.

Kalani Faagata very diplomatically asks for a new set of bedding, because she does not plan to share any with her husband. Good. (TLC)

But a lot of fans — even those who are happy to see Kalani and Asuelu end things, and especially those who support Kalani — have concerns.

Sure, Dallas Nuez seems like a total upgrade from Asuelu. He has a career, he’s not a selfish lover, and presumably he doesn’t come with any monster-in-laws attached.

But … does that mean that Kalani should be taking what was supposed to be a “hall pass” this seriously, this quickly?

90 Day Fiance star Kalani Faagata models a gorgeous and salacious set of navy lingerie. (Instagram)

She deserves to live her life

Kalani is a beautiful, confident, and reality TV famous woman. She models Rihanna’s fashion line. She’s funny and intelligent.

Kalani also grew up Mormon. She did not have sex until she met Asuelu, which was in her late twenties.

That one simple hookup led to a pregnancy, a marriage, a second pregnancy, and years of Asuelu’s nonsense. A lot of fans would like to see her experience adult life a little more before she tries to settle down again.

Unwisely, Asuelu Pulaa asks his wife if her “hall pass” was better in bed than he was. Asuelu was her first, after all. (TLC)

Some question Kalani’s motives

There is another concern: that, on some level, Kalani’s Dallas adventures aren’t about Dallas or her so much as they are about Asuelu.

What if this is largely about making Asuelu jealous?

If so, it’s working. But it wouldn’t be fair to Kalani herself or, especially, to Dallas.

In this precious beach photo, 90 Day Fiance star Kalani Faagata cradles sons, Oliver and Kennedy. (Instagram)

Doesn’t Kalani have two kids to worry about?

This concern, though fans have expressed it on social media, is simultaneously valid yet misogynistic.

Having kids means that you always need to put them first. But putting them first doesn’t mean that you can’t date or have your own life.

It does mean that you have to make sure that you choose partners (if and when you choose partners) who are safe and healthy for them to be around. We’re sure that Kalani knows this, and will continue to prioritize Oliver and Kennedy.