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Earlier this week, Meri Brown debuted a new hairstyle and hair color.

She looks very different.

But the transformation this Sister Wives cast member has undergone is nothing at all compared to the transformation undergone by one of her occasional colleagues.

Yes, we’re looking at you, Tony Padron.

Tony Padron has lost 100 pounds in just a year. Pretty amazing, isn’t it? (Instagram)

The husband of Christine and Kody Brown’s daughter, Mykelti, Tony posted a series of photos on his Instagram page this past Sunday.

The first (above) gives fans a look at what Padron looks like these days.

The previous snapshots include a glance at Padron’s weigh-ins over the past several months.

“Just to drive the point home. Long term consistency is the only way to true weight loss,” wrote Tony to open the accompanying caption.

Mykelti Brown Padron and Antonio "Tony" Padron
Hooray for Mykelti Brown Padron and Antonio “Tony” Padron. These two became parents in April 2021. (Instagram)

The TLC personality tipped the scales at 320 pounds on September 1, 2022… when he decided it was time to make a major change.

After just one month, Tony had shed 10 pounds — and then he dopped below 300 pounds by November 1.

After 10 months of steady decreases on the scale, the reality star weighed 226.8 pounds on July 20, which is 93.2 from where he began nearly one year ago.

WOW, huh?!?


“I remember at the beginning actually being worried and anxious about weighing myself,” Tony continued.

“Worried that I wouldn’t see any budge in weight difference. Worried that I would see too much progress and stop my new habits. I logged every time I stepped on the scale and made a graph of it.

“Its not a dramatic drop . Just a gradual slope downwards,

“Through making these long term habits I’ve been able to sustain a healtheir lifestyle. Taking the right supplements and keeping that gym life.”


Padron initially teased his physical transformation with a gym selfie shared on Instagram on July 13, writing at the time:

“For a long while now I have been very heavy and avocado like. But I’ve made some changes and I’m getting closer and closer to a nicer shape. The key, I think, is longevity and consistency.

“My wife @mykeltip and I have been using a new gut health product that has really shaped our future.”

Agreed Mykelti on that date:

“We’ve learned it’s all about consistency, not focusing on the short term goal, but the long term goals. Results like Tony and I have had come with longevity not trying something just for a month or so.”