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Step aside, Kendrick Lamar!

Move over, Jay Z!

Hop on your pony and ride outta town, Meghan Thee Stallion!

There’s a new rapper taking over the world of hip hop, and she’s spittin’ straight gospel!

Jinger Duggar says she’s doing better than ever these days. And now, she’s got a debut album on the way! (Photo via Instagram)

Yes, Jinger Duggar announced today that in the wake of her massively successful memoir, she’s about to make her first foray into the world of music.

And the nature of the project is likely to come as a surprise to fans, especially those who are aware that during her ultra-strict upbringing, Jinger wasn’t even allowed to listen to music with drums!

The mother of two took to Instagram Saturday morning to announce that she’s completed work on her debut hip hop album, Straight Outta Tontitown.

Jinger is speaking her mind like never before these days. And her parents might not like what she has to say. (Photo via Instagram)

“What’s good, MFs?” Jinger’s announcement began.

“That’s short for ‘mothers and fathers,'” she clarified with a string of laughing-crying emojis.

“It’s Jinger, out here gettin’ that bread, man, as always. You know how we do,” Jinger continued, adding several money bag emojis, a gun, three skulls, a unicorn, and a cigarette.

Jinger Lives In LA
Jinger Duggar is living the Los Angeles life these days. And many fans are wondering if she’s cut ties with her parents in the wake of her latest career announcement. (Photo via Instagram)

After having a bit of fun with her new emcee persona, Jinger got a little more serious and revealed that her new project is actually a rather personal one.

She says that like her memoir — and just about everything else in her life — her music is heavily influenced by her Christian faith.

“Jesus was the original gangsta,” Jinger explained in her post.

Jinger Duggar smiles very broadly in this sweet photo of the former reality star. (Photo via Instagram)

“He was an outlaw, he ran with a posse, and like Biggie and Tupac, he left us far too soon, fam,” she continued.

“That’s why I’ve decided to honor him in rhyme, y’all. So get ready for the debut banger from Jinja da Breadman. 12 tracks — one for each disciple — and more heat than Jerusalem in July, ya feel me?”

Jinger went on to reveal that her husband, Jeremy Vuolo — professionally known as DJ Junior Varsity — produced every song on the album.

Jinger Duggar is making yet another bold fashion statement. Clearly, she’s loving her life of freedom!

“DJ JV is my ride or die y’all, no doubt,” she wrote.

Jinger then linked to her debut single, “Flexin’ and Resurrectin'” before revealing that the full album would be available for download in time for the Easter holidays.

She then answered questions from fans, including one about whether or not she would address the topic of her Josh Duggar’s imprisonment on her record.

Jinger Duggar snapped this eye-popping selfie to flaunt her toned arms and thirst trap followers with her fit build. (Image Credit: Instagram)

“I ain’t got no time for that punk-ass beeeyotch!” Jinger wrote, adding a peace sign emoji, seemingly to indicate that the Q&A session had come to a close.

Okay, as you’ve probably figured out by now, this was an April Fools’ joke.

But hey, maybe our little gag will inspire Jinger to step into the studio and spit a few bars!