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During the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Rishi Singh explained his behavior to Jen Boecher.

To him, his messages to her friend, Randi, were no big deal. He didn’t understand why Jen brought it up.

When Rishi met Jen’s friends for the first time, he made the same excuses to them.

But, in the process, Jen caught him in a new lie. When will it end?

As Season 4, Episode 11 began, Jen Boecher was still confronting Rishi Singh while the two of them were wearing towels.

Her friend, Randi, had briefly (and inexpertly) catfished him. Rishi had fallen for it, sending her thirst traps, pictures of flowers, and seemingly wanting to meet up.

Jen opted to hash this out with him instead of just letting it simmer. Could Rishi somehow explain this away?

In Rishi’s mind, because his nearly-nude thirst trap pic was already publicly available, the DM was no big deal.

Of course, many people send DMs to people that hold a more significant meaning than posting the same thing publicly.

At the very least, you want someone’s specific attention. Otherwise, why would Rishi send her the mind-blowing thirst trap? Not to mention the flowers photo.

Rishi did offer an explanation, of a sort. He explained to Jen that he realized that he was talking to a friend of hers.

At that point, he claimed, he assumed that she was “pulling his leg.” That it was a prank.

So his flirting back with Randi was a “prank,” also. According to Rishi. And then, he explained, he blocked Randi because he was no longer comfortable with this … joke?

Like many of us, Jen was unsure of what to even say to Rishi.

Additionally, he seemed to laugh off the whole thing, not taking Jen’s very real concerns all that seriously.

If it makes Jen feel any better, Jen gets horny messages from people all of the time. (Does that make it better?)

In an effort to reassure his fiancee, Rishi goes off and brings back his phone. He offers it to Jen, to let her look at his DMs.

This is a move towards transparency. Or it would be … if it weren’t all in Hindi. Jen cannot read Hindi.

As viewers, we felt torn. Did Rishi bare his soul (well, his phone) to Jen? Or is this a brilliant bluff to show her that he has nothing to hide … even if evidence to the contrary is staring her right in the face?

Rishi has other … news. This time, it’s about what his friend who is also an astrologer told him.

He hasn’t told his family about her being his fiancee, but he plans to. When? On August 2. At 4 PM precisely.

That Jen is willing to wait this long — it’s been about three years, and August was months away when they filmed this — is truly remarkable. Especially when he’s basing their life on astrology.

Randi and Myra fly out to visit Jen. Those are some seriously good friends to fly that distance to see her and meet Rishi.

They mostly like her apartment. The bathroom, Jen explains, is all a shower (like we’ve seen with Nicole Sherbiny).

Her friends compare the situation to “glamping.” In other words, it only feels like “roughing it” when compared to being home, and it’s comfortable enough.

Up on the roof, Jen brings her friends up to speed. On everything from confronting Rishi to her decision to abstain from sex with him until she’s sure (even though they have boned before).

Myra was pleasantly surprised to hear that Jen actually confronted him. Randi worries that Rishi might be having sex on the side if Jen isn’t getting pushback on the abstinence thing. (Honestly? Maybe he’s just respectful of her boundaries)

Jen also explains the astrological delay in Rishi telling his family. Oh, and his excused for falling for Randi’s catfishing expedition.

They actually meet up with Rishi, who gives Jen’s friends the exact same excuses that he used with Jen.

Points for consistency?

Rishi even goes so far as to repeat the “pulling my leg” phrase. Again, Randi was not pranking him, she was testing him. And he failed.

Randi and Myra also have other questions. And it doesn’t sound like Jen has asked all of them.

Rishi has assured Jen that he did not know until recently that his family was actively searching for a wife for him (during his engagement to her).

He also says that they are no longer actively on the lookout for a potential bride.

But then Rishi lets something slip. He actually met multiple prospective wives at his family’s behest. All while engaged to Jen.

That really flies in the face of the idea that Rishi somehow had no idea that his family was looking for them.

Jen feels embarrassed and hurt. She has caught him in another “small” lie. This time, in front of her friends.

Jen excuses herself and leaves the table.

That means that Rishi is still there with Randi and Myra.

The awkwardness is palpable.