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Despite an ongoing feud dividing the cast ahead of the premiere, The Real Housewives of New Jersey is back.

Season 13 got off to an explosive start — with a fiery callback to the previous Reunion.

Jennifer Aydin blew up at Dolores Catania, and she didn’t mince words, either.

In fact, her word choice was such that we can’t quite repeat what she said. She called Dolores a “f–king c–t,” and that’s only part of it.

Okay, so what happened during Season 13, Episode 1 of RHONJ to set things off?

It started at a get-together that we saw late in the episode.

Many of the cast members were getting along. Some newer feathers ended up ruffled, but that’s pretty normal for a show like this.

However, Jennifer was talking about Dolores behind her back.

According to Jennifer, Dolores had shown her “disrespect” despite Jennifer having “kissed her motherf–king ass.”

So not only were her words clearly unkind, but it was all behind Dolores’ back. But not for long.

Dolores overheard Jennifer and later pulled her aside.

Jennifer would go on to claim that she had been speaking about her like this in order to bring about a one-on-one conversation.

What, Jennifer the master strategist? Jennifer the manipulation prodigy? Anyway, if that really was her plan, it worked. Sort of.

“What the f–k is this? Third grade? It has to stop,” Catania commented. She told the confessional camera that she was now “f–king mad.”

Meanwhile, Jennifer confronted her, accusing her of not being a “good friend” and of opting to “jump ship” on their friendship.

Why? Because Dolores didn’t condemn Margaret Josephs over the whole Bill Aydin adultery slash hypocrisy discussion during Season 12.

“You know what? You and I don’t agree on what a good friend is,” Dolores then stated.

Jennifer agreed, but added in a “I’m nice. You’re not,” for good measure. She then doubled down, telling Dolores that she’s “not f–king nice.”

Dolores countered that “no one has anything nice to say” about Jennifer, Ouch!

“I thought you were my friend, [but] I just realized I never had one,” Jennifer yelled. This began to sound more and more juvenile.

She added: “Noted – she’s never been my friend, she’s a f–king phony, she’s f–king two-faced.”

Eventually, the other ladies swooped in to try to make peace (or at least be on screen for the fight). Bill tried to coax Jennifer into leaving.

“I thought she was going to be nice and then she’s a f–king c–t that she always is,” Jennifer spet as she left.

She blew a kiss in Dolores’ direction, saying “I learned that word from you, babe.”

That was a reference to Dolores using the same insult for her during the previous Reunion.

Dolores expressed her sympathies that Bill is her “poor” husband who has to “go home with her.”

Meanwhile, Jennifer griped “f–k her, f–k her, she looks like an old f–king handbag.” Super harsh, ladies.

Interestingly, odds are pretty good that they’ve made peace since this fight. Other cast members? Not so much.