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Unfortunately, Selena Gomez is very familiar with body-shamers. Most of them are quasi-anonymous trolls who lash out to make themselves feel better.

But after a recent eyebrow mishap, some alleged trolling came from two of the least anonymous people on the planet.

Did Kylie Jenner and Hailey Bieber mock Selena in a series of social media posts? This mess merits discussion.

Please bear with us. This involves some alleged shade, some alleged reaching, and a lot of TikTok.

Selena Gomez is on the receiving end of some unwelcome attention this week. (Photo via Getty)

There were three big things about the beautiful and phenomenally talented Selena Gomez this week.

First, she regained her crown as Queen of Instagram. The once and future monarch has resumed her place as the most followed account on the photo-sharing app.

Second, Selena seemed to admit to a girl-crush on Bella Hadid. And the context of this was item #3 — discussing her eyebrows. She admitted to having accidentally laminated them.

Selena Gomez gassed up Bella Hadid in a TikTok while showing some apparent damage to her eyebrows. (Image via TikTok)

Admittedly, our image of something “laminated” is when your second-grade teacher covers your construction paper project in transparent plastic.

But apparently the term applies to an alternative to threading one’s eyebrows, where a beautician softens and reshapes eyebrow follicles.

Selena admitted that her own eyebrows had gone awry. No big deal. But then … what’s this, exactly?

Kylie Jenner’s seemingly random Instagram Story post may have been direct shade at a rival for social media clout. (Image via Instagram)

Selena’s video went viral. Her fans liked it, Bella Hadid’s fans liked it, and even Selena’s haters circulated it — albeit for the wrong reasons.

Then comes Kylie, posting the above photo to her Instagram Story … a mere three hours after Selena. She has zoomed in on her eyebrows … writing “this was an accident?” Maybe it’s just a coincidence, right?

But it’s worth noting that Selena’s return to the top on Instagram meant dethroning someone. That person? Kylie Jenner.

Kylie Jenner and Hailey Bieber seem to have developed a sudden fascination with photographing and sharing their eyebrows. The timing smells off. (Image via Instagram)

Then, Kylie posted a glimpse at her video chat with Hailey Baldwin Bieber. They were both zoomed in on their eyebrows.

That’s weird timing, right? Especially since many perceive Hailey as being obsessed with Selena … because her husband, Justin Bieber, would likely have married Selena if she’d let him. That was just months before he proposed to Hailey.

While no one faults Hailey for Justin’s obsessions, some people do believe that Hailey has adopted a “mean girl” approach to Selena. The eyebrow thing? It sure looked like shade.

Thousands of people weighed in on this in some form or another.

One TikToker by the name of Nuha did a rundown of why so many believe that Kylie and Hailey were taking aim at Selena.

The video became so popular that Kylie responded, claiming that it was “reaching” and that “didn’t see her eyebrow posts.”

Selena Gomez then saw this comment by Kylie and wrote that she “agreed” with Kylie.

“It’s all unnecessary,” she wrote.

Once again taking the high road and trying to diffuse the situation, Selena added: “I’m a fan of Kylie!”

Honestly? Kylie and Hailey are friends. It could totally have been a coincidence. But was it?

The whole point of some shade is that the person can pretend that it was a casual, harmless remark — and not an insult. Plausible deniability.

Instead of accusing them, let’s just applaud Selena for taking the high road and giving them the benefit of the doubt. She clearly has no interest in feuding with either of them. Selena just wants to live her best life.