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Of all of the couples in the aftermath of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 7, Jovi and Yara are doing pretty well.

They do have disagreements. The final installment of the Tell All even showed them arguing. But they also love each other and can, if they choose, resolve their differences.

Critics — mostly the noted misogynist, Big Ed Brown — have accused Yara of being a gold digger. She has countered that she is not. In fact, she works.

What job does Yara have, exactly? It turns out that it’s two.

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Yara Zaya has a husband, Jovi Dufren, whom she loves. She has their precious daughter, Mylah.

Viewers have watched 90 Day Fiance cast members struggle to keep a roof over their heads. That is not the case for these two.

Jovi, of course, jets off around the world for weeks at a time to repair underwater pipelines. It is a demanding, specialized job … but it pays well.

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Jovi introduces himself as one of this season’s new stars. He travels the world doing underwater repairs on oil pipelines, and he enjoys the experiences. It’s how he met Yara.

Meanwhile, Yara owns and operates a boutique.

It is not a physical store. It is online. And Yara named it after herself.

She sells clothes — jackets, swimwear, jumpsuits. Yara’s dress at the Season 6 Tell All (the previous season) came from her boutique.

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Yara has been a total knockout since we first saw her. It is truly no surprise that she would act as her own model.

Additionally, Yara has also branched out into the beauty industry.

In November of 2021 — less than a year before the Season 7 Tell All filmed — she debuted her makeup line, Boujee by Yara.

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At the time, Yara gushed about how she spent so much time “dreaming about” launching her makeup line.

It originated with fans asking her what makeup she uses. The social media questions had Jovi wondering if his wife could offer more than answers.

“Yara, you know, you can make your own makeup line,” she recalled Jovi as having told her. And now she has.

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In 2020, viewers first got to meet Yara and Jovi — in a manner of speaking. They appeared on Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance.

It was not an easy season for them. Yara’s pregnancy coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic. Jovi found himself stuck abroad for months. Yara lived with his mother for a time. It was not the best situation in which to give birth.

But they welcomed Mylah. And, despite the intensity of misogynistic trolls within 90 Day Fiance‘s fandom, Yara is reasonably well-liked.

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For a while, viewers who liked Yara and viewers who liked Jovi seemed to be two separate groups. That has largely changed.

In fact, Jovi earned widespread praise on social media during this most recent Tell All — over how he confronted Big Ed.

He didn’t only defend himself and his wife. He also stuck up for Jenny Slatten. Jovi admonished Ed, telling the notorious reality TV villain that he owes Jenny an apology.