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On Monday, Discovery Plus aired the 90 Day: The Single Life Season 3 Tell All Part 1.

Obviously, Ronald punching out his camera in a fit of violent rage proved to be the most memorable moment for most viewers.

But he was not the only one feeling hot under the collar as his personal life — and mistakes — came up for discussion.

Natalie Mordovtseva stormed off of the Tell All stage after her castmates every sensible told her that she needed to make a choice.

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“A beautiful day for the hell,” Natalie announced before heading in for the Tell All.

This is obviously not her first time attending one of these reunions in the franchise — or even on this specific spinoff.

And Natalie knows from experience that she will get a lot of hate. Not only from fans, either.

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Speaking of Natalie’s castmates, Veronica Rodriguez showed up. And she didn’t arrive alone.

Tim Malcolm isn’t just the reason that she became part of the franchise in the first place. They’re also besties.

Viewers love their rapport, on and off Pillow Talk. And Tim’s no-filter opinions played a big role in the Tell All conversation about Natalie.

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Speaking of no-filter opinions, Debbie Johnson returned from Canada to participate in the chat.

Now 70 years old, she is well past the years of biting her tongue or wanting desperately to be liked.

Oh, plenty of people like Debbie (ourselves included). But she’s blunt at times. And that came up when she spoke to Natalie’s man. Josh.

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Tania Maduro arrived. She was feeling better about her own future now that she has had more space from Syngin Colchester.

Ahead of their time on the Tell All stage, Tania spoke to producers about Natalie.

She called her a sweetheart … but one desperately in need of therapy. Tania’s not wrong.

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After having spent four months in South Africa trying to mend her toxic marriage to Ronald, Tiffany Franco felt emotionally exhausted.

She described Natalie as “a sweet girl.” We can totally see it.

Tiffany also admitted that Natalie is “f–king weird.” That’s an understatement, but it’s still true.

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“My personal life is a mess,” Natalie admitted in a moment of stark self-awareness.

Then a producer stopped by to let her know that both Mike and Josh — her semi-husband and her not-quite-boyfriend — would appear during her segment. Together.

Natalie’s annoyance was not merely evident, but palpable. To be fair … if you’re entangled with two different men, maybe expect that they’ll both end up at the Tell All.

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Backstage, Tania admitted that she had not gotten laid in a few months.

Debbie shared her newfound contentment following a 14-year dry spell.

Production asked Natalie for details on her sex life. It turned out that she had seen Josh just the night before.

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Beautiful Shaun Robinson greeted the cast on the Tell All stage.

In addition to the core cast, production asked Tim Malcolm to join them.

He joined Veronica on the loveseat. Because, well, his opinions were sure to make a splash. And they did.

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Natalie “wouldn’t say” that she and Mike were over for good. Despite the previous night’s antics with Josh.

But Natalie was also very evasive about where things actually stand with Josh.

The man himself stepped out onto the stage to join them. It’s not like it was a surprise — he and Natalie were both in the city for the same reason.

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Natalie shared that she is moving to Los Angeles soon from her home in Florida. Josh has a condo in LA.

That said, she will not be “moving in” with him.

Debbie immediately grew suspicious of Josh’s intentions when she realized that Josh and Natalie got a hotel when he had a home in the city. For most, that seems self-explanatory. Hotels are sexy, convenient, and you don’t have to clean them.

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But … what is the relationship status here. Josh said that he and Natalie are “talking more.”

But he stops short of calling her his “girlfriend.”

Veronica asked why Natalie is moving across the entire country to live near a guy who doesn’t even use the “girlfriend” label for her. Sure, Natalie is still married to Mike, but that doesn’t explain away Josh’s issues.

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As for the Mike stuff, Natalie grew pretty defensive of why she keeps him in the loop even though he’s basically her ex.

She likes the “security” of having him in her life, and added that they speak regularly.

As is so often the case with Natalie, she became flustered and emotional over people asking her simple questions. Meanwhile, Josh admitted that this is the “same answer” that she gives him whenever he asks.

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Tim told Natalie pretty directly that she is not being fair to Mike or to Josh.

It’s not just that she needs to choose between them (hey, polyamory is great, but that’s not what she’s doing — and it should be consensual for all parties, or it’s not polyamory).

Tim reminded her that, once she picks between them, she should give that guy her attention — not hold the other in reserve.

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For reasons of her own, Natalie stood up and stormed off of the Tell All stage.

It seems like Tim’s very sensible advice was not what she wanted to hear.

“Sorry, I need to go,” she said as she walked away. “I cannot listen to it.” Cannot listen to common sense?

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With Natalie temporarily off camera, Josh revealed that she had contacted one of his employees.

He didn’t go into much detail, but said that the message included a lot of “insecurity.” Plus some details about their relationship.

When Natalie returned on stage, she said that Josh was leaving out some key details.

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Apparently, this came from Josh sharing a video of their date.

It was actually an Instagram Reel, which … honestly seems like a red flag for a grown man, but maybe we’re just being judgy. (Instagram’s fine; Reels are just trying to be TikTok, and no one should aspire to that)

Apparently, the woman whom Natalie later contacted had shared the video, noting that Josh could do better. That’s why Natalie reached out.

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So none of this was as one-sided as Josh had led the cast to believe. Debbie came down hard on Josh for this. He wished that he had a mute button for her.

Shaun played a clip of Natalie visiting Mike in Sequim. For whatever reason, Natalie broke down into tears while it played.

We’re sure that we’ll see more of Natalie on Part 2. After all, Mike hasn’t shown up yet.