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Remember Amber Portwood’s ex Matt Baier?

He was a liar, and a jerk, but he cleared the very low bar set by previous Teen Mom husbands and boyfriends, and as a result, he was pretty forgettable.

Plus he didn’t impregnate Amber, so there’s been no reason for the show to update us on his story in the years since they parted ways.

But Matt is back in the news this week and judging by how much he seems to be enjoying it, we’d say it might be a long time before he slinks back into obscurity.

The Hollywood Gossip
Amber Portwood’s ex Matt Baier has re-entered the picture. (Photo via Getty)

If you watched this week’s episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, then you know that one moments really captured the attention of viewers, many of whom have spent the show’s inaugural season complaining about its dullness.

We’re talking, of course, about the moment when Queen Amber returned to her castle, where ex-fiancé Andrew Glennon had been living with baby James.

Glennon, as you know, received permission to move back to California with James, thus enabling him to flee Indiana.

The Hollywood Gossip
Andrew Glennon beams at his son, James, and praises the little boy’s curiosity and already apparent intelligence. (Photo via Instagram)

Amber was already deeply upset about the move, and she became even more concerned after learning that Andrew’s housekeeping standards are roughly the same as those of the family from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The property was in a rather gnarly state when Amber returned to reclaim it, and fans expressed their sympathy on Twitter.

“My heart breaks for @AmberLPortwood, I really love that she has had the support from @ItsGaryTime & @KrissyK01,” @AlishaValerie tweeted, according to Starcasm.

The Hollywood Gossip
Amber is not happy. That’s usually the case, but this time, she had good reason. (Photo via MTV)

“I really hope that she finds someone caring & loving to share her life with.”

“I just now spoke to Amber about the house thing,” Matt unexpectedly replied to the tweet.

“First time we have talked in quite a while. It was great catching up and I think 5 years has been long enough without talking.” Matt then revealed that he got approval for a tell all interview,” he added.

“She agreed. 1 interview only. DM me if interested.”

Amber Portwood and Matt Baier on Marriage Boot Camp
Amber Portwood was nothing if not feisty on Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Family Edition. (Photo via WeTV)

When other users praised Matt for reaching out, he proceeded to climb atop his high horse.

“What she needs is someone who actually knows the real her to speak. Ppl see a small sample of reality stars lives. What is shown is what sells,” he wrote.

“I promised I’d only talk when she was ok with it. So if ppl want to hear it I’m ready. 1 time only. If they don’t then that’s fine too.”

“I’m confused? Amber wants you to tell her story? Or yours?” one person asked.

Matt Baier is Perplexed
Matt looks confused. Someone must have asked him how he convinced someone to agree to marry him. (Photo via MTV)

“No Amber doesn’t want anyone else To ever speak for her. That being said I have always said nothing about those days,” Baier replied.

“Ppl ask all the time and I’ve always said no. Maybe it’s time to give some facts that ppl don’t know or think they know.

“The house thing just really disturbed me so we communicated in a friendly way. No hard feelings at all,” he added.

Matt Baier is Lame
Matt Baier is seen here doing something lame. That description can be applied to literally any photo of Matt Baier. (Photo via MTV)

From there, Matt reflected fondly on his short time as a reality star, writing:

“I have no bad feelings towards anyone at all. I have good memories of all the interactions I’ve had with ppl over the years.

“Cast, crew, families, and fans of the show. The negatives I don’t even remember. I love my life and wouldn’t change it now thus I have no regrets.

“Amber and I? To say we are friends would be incorrect. To say the 1 communication we had in almost 6 years was civil would be accurate. Is civility in a conversation a bad thing?

The Hollywood Gossip
Amber Portwood and Matthew Baier of Teen Mom OG fame. (Photo via Instagram)

“Asking about a trashed house we owned together is normal behavior. But ur entitled to ur opinion.

“When it comes to reality tv. Ppl love to say they love watching the train wreck. They encourage it. That’s why they watch. Then when the train wreck happens they judge the behavior of the ppl driving the train.

Earlier today, Matt returned to Twitter to reveal that he was basically lying about the whole thing.

“I made the mistake of replying to a tweet someone wrote by saying I ‘just talked to Amber.’ I think after almost 6 years 2 ppl can talk about a piece of property civilly without it being a big deal,” he wrote.

Matt Baier Reacts
Matt Baier reacts to the results of his lie detector test on Teen Mom OG. (Photo via MTV)

“Somehow ppl took that to a really bizarre level. Amber and I are not “friends” although after half a decade I think we can have 1 civil electronic discussion without delving into the past.

“Saying in twitter that I’ll do ‘an interview’ was a joke ppl. Anytime anything happened over the years with regards to ppl I used to know I get asked to comment,” he added.

“I rarely do however the house thing just shocked me bc as many of u forget it WAS (Not is but WAS) also my house.

Matt and Amber on Teen Mom
Matt Baier and Amber Portwood getting into it on Teen Mom OG. (Photo via MTV)

Ah, yes. The old “I was kidding, duh!” excuse.

Some things will never change, and apparently one of those things is Matt Baier is being a liar.