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We have sad news out of Kardashian Land, as Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker appear to have broken up after more than two years of dating.

News of the split comes courtesy of People magazine, who reports that the couple went their separate ways over issues pertaining to their schedules.

Devin reportedly feels the need to double-down in his focus on basketball, while Kendall has her careers as a model, reality star, influencer, and tequila mogul to keep her busy.

Insiders say the exes parted ways on amicable terms.

Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker: Married?
Kendall Jenner and Davin Booker have reportedly broken up. The couple began dating in 2020. (Photo via Instagram)

“Both have incredibly busy schedules right now with their careers and they’ve decided to make that a priority,” one source tells People.

“They have a lot of love and respect for each other and wish only the best.”

Kendall and Devin have always kept a tight lid on their relationship, so it’s unlikely that either of them will have much to say about the breakup.

Kendall and Devin
Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker celebrated their one-year anniversary with this photo. Interestingly, these two rarely acknowledged their relationship on social media.

Kendall is far more private than her sisters — in fact, she keeps to herself about as much as one can while still earning a living as a reality star.

She and Devin were an item for several months before they went public with their relationship.

Sources say Kendall and Devin met during the pandemic and they proceeded to quarantine together.

They went public on Valentine’s Day of 2021, but they seldom updated fans on the status of their relationship.

In fact, when Kendall and Devin acknowledged their one-year anniversary during the summer of 2021, fans were floored by the rare public display of affection.

“What first seemed like a fun hookup, is now a relationship,” said an insider shortly after Jenner and Booker made it official.

Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker posted this pic while on vacation together. (Photo via Instagram)

“They are exclusive and Kendall is very happy with Devin.”

Kendall and Devin broke up over the summer, but they got back together just a few weeks later.

Sadly, it seems the reconciliation was rather short-lived.

Kendall Jenner Loves the Suns
Kendall Jenner happily threw her support behind the Phoenix Suns and her boyfriend Devin Booker. (Photo via Instagram)

All the secrecy surrounding these two has led to a good deal of rumors over the years, and on more than one occasion, fans theorized that Kendall and Devin were secretly married.

It doesn’t appear that that was ever the case.

Of course, this surprise breakup will likely also prove to be fertile ground for speculation and hearsay.


The fact that Kendall and Devin broke up just before the holidays will be taken as evidence that the relationship fell victim to an act of infidelity, or some other precipitating event.

But in all likelihood, these two simply grew apart.

Whatever the case, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever find out exactly what happened.