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Last month, we watched Kalani Faagata pack up her home in anticipating of finally moving out of Utah.

After highlighting the racism in her former community, she is beyond thrilled to put it behind her.

But Kalani is playing some things close to the vest, including her status with Asuelu Pulaa.

Kalani is talking about having more kids. But she’s dropping her biggest hint yet that her marriage is over.

Over the weekend, Kalani Faagata told her fans and followers on Instagram about her plans for more kids.

“I love my boys,” she began after a fan asked about “more babies” in the future.

“I love that they are older now,” Kalani expressed, “and it’s a lot easier.”

90 Day Fiance star Kalani Faagata posted a photo standing with sons Oliver and Kennedy, acknowledging that she had not posted much recently. (Image Credit: Instagram)

“But,” Kalani then admitted, “I’ve always wanted a girl.” 

She confessed to her followers that she spent a long time trying to convince herself that she feels “fine” about not having a daughter.

It turns out that it was her mother, Lisa, who convinced her that she was kidding herself.

According to Kalani, her parents are just so sick of hearing them fight all of the time that they want them to move out purely to get some peace and quiet. Pro-tip: if your toxic marriage is exhausting OTHER people, just get a divorce.

“It’s totally different with a girl,” Kalani recalled her mother having advised her.

Lisa apparently then counseled that “you should have a girl.”

Having a third child is a major decision. Making that choice purely for gender reasons may sound odd, but she wouldn’t be the first.

Kalani Faagata feels like the devil is at her doorstep

“So, I don’t know …” Kalani then continued.

What came next, however, was a joke that may have been a bit of a spoiler for her rumored-to-be-at-an-end marriage.

“If you know anyone that wants to put a baby inside of me,” Kalani told her followers, before cutting herself off with a laugh.

Earlier this month, Kalani and the aforementioned sons — 4-year-old Oliver and 3-year-old Kennedy — left Utah.

They were relocating to California.

Kalani and Asuelu had, in very separate posts, spoken of their eagerness for the move.

To put it bluntly, they had both described persistent and entrenched racism where they lived in Utah.

Asuelu highlighted racial profiling that he experienced firsthand as a Samoan man.

Meanwhile, Kalani at one point said that members of her family were called a racial slur. Truly some sick stuff.

Low Faagata - say what? (with Kalani Faagata shocked)

Meanwhile, on Sunday, Kalani took to her Instagram Story again to show that she and her sons are in California.

She shared footage of Oliver and Kennedy on the beach. Specifically, Aliso Beach, which is in South Laguna Beach.

Yes, the word “beach” comes up a lot. It’s unclear if this was merely a stop along the way, or a hint about where Kalani is moving next.

There are not, at present, any hints that Asuelu is with her and the boys.

Late last month, Asuelu shared that he was surprising his family in Samoa. His social media activity seems to hint that he is still there.

Racism can exist anywhere. But we hope that this family’s new community is more welcoming and less bigoted than their previous one.