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Sometimes, it’s good to know your options — just in case.

On last weekend’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Jenny Slatten spoke to an immigration attorney.

She wanted to know about the odds of Sumit being able to immigrate to the US with her. If he changes his mind.

The attorney admitted that there might be questions about the marriage’s legitimacy. Sumit’s family might stop them. Also, he asked if Jenny is a spinster. What?

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As Season 7, Episode 14 began, Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh were learning Bollywood dances.

They did not attend the class alone. Jenny’s daughter Christina and her daughter-in-law Jen were with them.

Everyone agreed that it was one of their most fun outings in a while.

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Even so, Sumit acknowledged that he was a little slower on the uptake in learning dance moves than he once was.

He is a grown man in his thirties now. He works almost every day (albeit of his own volition).

It is only natural that he’s not quite as good of a dancer as he was in 2011, when he and Jenny first became an item.

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However, all good times must eventually come to an end.

Sumit told everyone that he will have to do more than just return to work. He will have to go and see his family.

The last time that he saw his parents was when he and Jenny revealed that they were married. They were no-shows at the last attempt at a family gathering.

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Christine surprised Sumit with her suggestion.

She wondered if they all might go. They could meet his family in person. And, if need be, defend Jenny.

Someone has to stand up for her, after all. Sometimes, Sumit does. Other times, he is too eager to please his toxic relatives.

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Sumit felt surprised by Christina’s idea … because she clashed with his family at the last Tell All.

Specifically, she came into conflict with his brother, Amit.

So Sumit had not expected that she’d want to come face to face with them. Ever.

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And of course he worried that he could end up caught between warring factions.

What’s the alternative? Meekly accepting his family’s insults towards him and his wife?

Actually, it at times seems that Sumit would prefer that — so long as it got him praise and affection from people who don’t deserve to have him in their lives.

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Jenny later had a “secret” (as secret as something can be when you’re filming a massively popular reality show) meeting with an Indian immigration attorney.

This isn’t about her continued legal residency in India. It’s about the idea of bringing Sumit to America.

Right now, he’s not even considering it. Sumit has cited his attachment to his toxic family as the reason. But Jenny wants to at least know what the process would entail. In case he changes his mind.

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Among other things, the attorney asked Jenny: “Are you a spinster in the US?” She did not know what that meant at first.

Then, Jenny confirmed that she was single in the US before marrying Sumit in India. She had been single for 20 years, since divorcing her ex-husband. But she has been in a relationship with Sumit for many years.

“The major question by the immigration department will be why a lady 64 years old is married to a guy who is only 33, 34 years old,” the attorney then warned.

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“I understand that there is a big age gap between us,” Jenny acknowledged to the cameras. “But we’ve been together 10 years.”

She recalled: “First we had to go through proving our love to Sumit’s parents and now we have to continue doing it for immigration.”

Jenny then noted: “I mean, we’ve stayed together this long — there’s a reason for it. Obviously we love each other.”

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The attorney had another warning for Jenny: Sumit will need a Police Clearance Certificate before immigrating.

Normally, the criminal background check is no big deal, though these have impacted a few people on the franchise.

But this is different. In India, Sumit’s controlling relatives could file a formal complaint over his marriage. This alone might halt any visa process in its tracks. Sad but true.