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With a few sad and sinister exceptions, everyone is cutting ties with Kanye West.

His antisemitic tirades are only the latest of his years of bigoted statements. But they are among his worst and most dangerous outbursts.

Many of the Kardashians are trying to walk a fine line. Ye isn’t just Kim’s ex; through their four kids, he’s family. They’re stuck with him.

But Scott is so, so disgusted with Kanye.

The Hollywood Gossip

An inside source opened up to HollywoodLife about where Scott Disick stands with Kanye West.

“Scott and Kanye had gotten really close over the years,” the insider began. Setting the stage.

“And although they’ve since grown apart,” the source added, “Scott is very disappointed over Kanye’s recent remarks about Jewish people.”

The Hollywood Gossip
The Kardashians star Scott Disick decided to make his insecurities everyone else’s problem, crossing boundaries in the process.

“Even though Scott isn’t super religious,” the insider acknowledges.

The source shared that “he takes Judaism seriously.”

“And,” the insider reminded, Scott “even made a special trip to Israel a few years ago where he was blessed by a rabbi.”

The Hollywood Gossip
Scott Disick is rumored to be in a new relationship. And fans are shocked by the age of his latest partner.

“It’s really offensive to Scott that Kanye is saying these things,” the insider expressed.

“Scott hasn’t reached out,” the source then revealed.

The insider explained that Scott isn’t opening lines of communication “because he really doesn’t see a point.”

Kanye West in Thought
Kanye is pictured here, presumably dreaming up new ways to be a jerk. (Photo via Getty)

“He doesn’t think anything good would come out of it,” the insider reasoned.

This, the source laid out, is “because Kanye has clearly made up his mind.”

If Kanye were willing to listen to reasonable requests about his behavior and actions, well, he’d probably still be married.

The Hollywood Gossip

The insider added: “Now that Kanye and Kim [Kardashian] are nearly divorced.”

“And,” the source continued, “Kourtney [Kardashian] and Scott have broken up for good.”

The insider pointed out that “There’s really no reason for them to hang out.”

The Hollywood Gossip
Kanye West gave another bizarre interview this week. This time, he repeated a wild claim about Drake and Kris Jenner. (Photo via Instagram)

“Other than the fact that their kids are cousins,” the insider went on.

The source explained that they don’t have a personal connection.”

At least, nothing “which would require them to be in the same room with each other.”

The Hollywood Gossip

“Scott,” the insider explained, “is trying to just ignore the noise.”

A second source then illuminated: “Scott used to be tight with Kanye when he was married to Kim.”

Things got worse, not better, after Kim had finally had enough and filed for divorce. Especially when she began dating again.

The Hollywood Gossip

“But Kanye really started getting under Scott’s skin,” this second insider shared, “when he was coming after Pete [Davidson] when the two were dating.”

The source added: “He thought that Kanye showed his true colors then.”

And this insider added: “And now, after all of this, Scott is done with Kanye.”

The Hollywood Gossip

“He has nothing to say to him ever again,” the insider declared, “and he does not want his kids to associate with him either.”

The source correctly noted: “His actions are unjustifiable.”

“And Scott does not understand why he would purposely hurt so many people,” the insider added. “It makes no sense to Scott.”