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Ray J seems to be in a very bad place at the moment.

On Thursday night, the reality star and hip hop artist shared multiple Instagram posts that strongly implied he was pondering suicide.

In one video, for example, the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood alum appeared to be sitting on some sort of elevated surface while he zoomed in on a bright orange full moon.

And then?

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“If it wasn’t 4 my Kidz I would jump off and die tonight,” Ray J captioned the footage, which he has since deleted.

Another video features the singer sitting on a ledge with his feet dangling off … as he pans to the ground below and the ledge surrounding him.

“SHOULD I JUST JUMP off and end it rit [sic]. Now!!! ????” Ray J asks.

He has since taken down this upload as well.

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Later, Ray captioned a video of the moon with “IF I DIE TONIGHT,” while adding in another video of the ground below him and writing:

“trying to figure it out – maybe this life was a illusion – maybe the next life was my real reality.”

It’s unclear, of course, what prompted such messages from Ray J.

The last we heard from him, the artist was absolutely blasting Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner for lying about the sex tape he recorded years ago with the former.

Ray J attends the 2022 BET Awards at Microsoft Theater on June 26, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET)

“You going to try to crush my career, make me look stupid, when you know you was the mastermind,” Ray J said on social media last month after Jenner went on a talk show and took a lie detector test and swore she had nothing to do with the aforementioned tape.

Added Ray J at the time:

“Kris, you know you ran the play.”

Almost ever since Kim Kardashian Superstar hit the market, most observers have assumed that Kris and Kim orchestrated the release in order to garner publicity for their family.

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But anyway.

A source close to Ray J told Page Six on Friday that the former sex tape participant is “fine” and “everything is OK.”

The insider added that the videos were taken “on vacation with Princess Love,” his on-again, off-again wife.

“He thought about issuing an Instagram statement about it but changed his mind and is being vague,” the insider concluded.

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Despite these assurances, fans around the Internet took the time this week to express their shock and sorrow over Ray J’s posts and apparent state of mind.

“Sending prayers of strength to Ray J & I hope he has people in his corner showering him with love and support,” one person Tweeted on Friday.

“Damn I hope Ray J gets him some counseling so he can sort through those issues,” someone else chimed in.

“@RayJ bro remember #youurafighternotaquitter so keep fighting don’t let the media win let them know who @RayJ truly is,” another individual wrote.