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Despite a lot of love, Thais Ramone and Patrick Mendes’ future is uncertain on Season 9.

We have all heard reports about what went down at the Tell All.

Now, however, we finally have a “smoking gun” for Patrick and Thais’ relationship.

Brace yourself for 90 Day Fiance spoilers!

On 90 Day Fiance, not even Thais and Patrick know for sure if they’re going to get married.

Patrick’s family and friends aren’t opposed to the marriage.

But that doesn’t mean that they don’t have any concerns.

Thais knows how to smile and be polite even when she’s not happy.

But when she has opened up to people about her worries, Patrick’s loved ones all give the same advice.

If she’s not sure, she shouldn’t marry him. They don’t want to see him in another heartbreaking divorce.

Patrick has some control issues. Not the worst that we’ve seen, but a problem in their relationship.

It’s not that Patrick tries to micromanage Thais. He just makes unilateral plans for them without consulting her.

If he can’t treat Thais like a partner in decision-making, then they shouldn’t marry. He needs to work on that.

An external but nonetheless major issue for Thais is her father, Carlos.

He does not like Patrick. Not only does he not approve, but he is demanding that Thais come home to Brazil.

If Patrick had trusted Thais enough to let her decide when her father learns of their marriage, he would not be applying this pressure.

Patrick’s family, as we noted, has some concerns. Some of them have also asked intrusive, but understandable, questions.

One hot topic was whether (or when) Thais and Patrick would have kids.

Meanwhile, Patrick’s mom’s biggest worry was that her child grow up with the best opportunities and environment.

Patrick and Thais love each other.

If Patrick can make decisions with Thais as a team, if they both learn to communicate better, their relationship could work.

Oh, and it wouldn’t hurt if they added some actual color to the bleached void of their home.

Are they actually together? Patrick and Thais have stuck to their NDA pretty strictly.

They do have selfies up on social media, but they clearly date back to winter — when they filmed.

It’s not a spoiler to see that Patrick and Thais spent time together in the winter. We’ve all watched it on our screens.

However, people have noticed that Thais’ social media posts have a recurring trend.

Even her most recent photos do not show her lower body.

People wonder if this could be a sign that Thais is pregnant.

According to reports from the Tell All, which filmed in June, Thais was pregnant.

(Reports added that Kara Bass was pregnant, and that Emily Bieberly had already given birth)

That is speculation, but it seems likely.

Reports also said that all of Season 9’s couples were still together at the Tell All.

But we promised you a “smoking gun” for Patrick and Thais. It exists.

In February of this year, Patrick and Thais obtained a marriage license in Seminole County, Florida. Congratulations!