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Things have always been complicated for Michael Jackson’s surviving family. They always will be.

Attorneys for MJ’s estate are taking serious aim at LaToya Jackson.

LaToya, of course is the sister of the late music legend. She is no stranger to the industry herself.

However, her memoir and its accusations against those running the estate have drawn their ire.

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Apparently, Michael Jackson’s estate lawyers have written a cease and desist.

RadarOnline got a hold of the document, which attorney Howard Weitzman penned.

The legal letter targeted book publisher Simon and Schuster.

Jackson went on a date in one scene, with Bill driving the artist and his date around. The latter managed to convince Michael to go out to a bar like a “normal couple,” yet he changed his mind after a man accosted him on the street.

Interestingly, LaToya released Starting Over 11 years ago — in 2011. She simultaneously published an accompanying EP by the same name.

She co-wrote the bombshell book with then-fiance Jeffre Phillips.

The book delved into the complex dynamics of the Jackson family, her late brother’s troubles, and her love for him.

Michael Jackson: 16 Shocking Secrets Spilled!
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Both the book and the promotional tour left the estate fuming.

“In connection with the promotion of the book,” the cease and desist letter accused.

“Ms. Jackson has made repeated public statements accusing the Executors of murdering Michael,” the attorney wrote.

La Toya Jackson Hears Michael's Final Thoughts From Beyond the Grave!

Per her accusation, the alleged murder took place “in order to ‘steal’ his music catalog.”

“We understand these same absurd accusations are included in the book,” the estate added.

“Ms. Jackson has also made statements to the effect that John Branca [MJ’s other lawyer] stole $150 million from Michael Jackson,” the letter noted.

Jacobshagen also says Jackson once stripped down in the jacuzzi with him and that many sex games were played in the hot tub.

“And,” the cease and desist went on, “hid it in an ‘offshore account.'”

“Even though you most certainly know this,” the cease and desist letter warned the publisher.

The estate then accused: “These statements are outrageous, false, and unlawful.”

The King of pop performed with 3500 children in 1993 and it was a typical performance for him. His amazing vocals and dancing solidified it as one of the best performances of his career.

Attorneys wrote that the claims gave “Ms. Jackson the attention she obviously craves.”

However, the letter warned that these remarks were “likely to cause substantial harm to the Estate.”

They also feared substantial harm to “the beneficiaries of the Estate and its Executors.”

Best Dancer Ever?
Michael Jackson was probably the best dancer of all-time. He has earned this reputation.

Interestingly, it does not appear that the estate (or any other party) actually filed a lawsuit over the memoir.

They would have had over a decade to do so. Perhaps their concerns were PR. Or perhaps the warning was simply enough.

The cease and desist has only come out now because Jeffre submitted it during his own ongoing legal battle with the estate. They accuse him of stealing MJ’s property during his final days of life. Oof.