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Kimberly Menzies and Usman Umar are somehow back and joining the cast for 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 7.

It seems premature, right? Coming from Before The 90 Days, it feels like they skipped a step.

They don’t have a marriage or even an engagement. Kim-bah-ley’s big plan for Season 7 is to get engaged.

But … even if this ends in a proposal, how long can it last? Are they even still together?

Most of the time, 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? is for couples who already married, especially through the K-1 process.

Kimberly Menzies and Usman Umar’s biggest milestone on Before The 90 Days was that she finally got his yam.

In case you need a reminder, that is a slang term.

Kimberly got Usman’s yam but not a proposal.

So, this season, she is returning to Africa. This time, not to Zanzibar, but to Nigeria.

Both of their families feel strongly opposed. Kim’s adult son, Jamal, remains concerned that she is rushing into things.

Usman’s family is more concerned about Kimberly’s age, albeit indirectly.

Their worry is that she cannot give him a child, for obvious biological reasons.

Kimberly is allegedly open to the idea of Usman taking a second wife. But she has one caveat.

Kimberly is fine with Usman having more than one wife … provided that she is his first.

The rapper’s family apparently feels determined to set him up with a younger woman.

Obviously, this is not going over well with Kimberly. And we’re sure that their season will boast even more drama.

Kimberly and Usman likely began filming this season very early this year, at the absolute latest.

This is generally how the franchise (and most reality television) operates.

This has given them plenty of time to break up … if they did not already by the time that their season ended.

Usman Umar takes a goofy selfie with Kimberly Menzies

Their on-screen drama and larger-than-life personalities made them one Before The 90 Days‘ most talked-about couples.

Many believe that their relationship is seriously lacking in authenticity.

No, we don’t mean “scripted” or any production shenanigans. A lot of fans think that Usman is using Kimberly to return to reality TV fame to boost his … music career.

While Kimberly MOSTLY seems to have problems with other women on the cast — Ximena and Ella in particular — and arrived as a fan of Ben, when he likened her to a lion hunting a gazelle (he has weird gender roles brainrot from his cult upbringing), that changed, and Kimberly puts their relationship on blast.

It didn’t hurt that Kimberly came to the Tell All ready to throw down with several castmates. And she did.

(Just as Jibri has been doing on the Season 9 Tell All, we might add)

She made a splash, and production has clearly rewarded her with another season. But in Kimberly’s mind, this is about Usman.

Kimberly Menzies Really Wants to Bone Usman Umar

Are they actually still together?

They are under NDA, and cannot directly spoil their own season.

But what we can tell you is that there are no “smoking gun” clues. No one has found a marriage certificate or proof that they’ve split.