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Isabel Roloff is once again here to speak her truth.

And to hopefully inspire others in the process.

The former Little People, Big World star gave birth to her first child last December — a precious son named Mateo with husband Jacob — and has since spent a great deal of time documenting her postpartum journey on social media.

But Isabel ran into a roadblock a few days ago.

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The 26-year posted a photo of herself looking into a mirror (above, left), having lifted up her pink T-shirt to reveal her stomach for all to see.

Instagram however, removed the snapshot, earning understandable ire from the star.

“Instagram keeps deleting this,” wrote an irritated Isabel in response. “I don’t understand. It’s just a stomach?”

As it turns out, the folks behind this platform appear to have taken down the image because Roloff was donning a top with a curse word on it… prompting Isabel to write “Clarifying” in a separate post.


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But there is a larger point here that still remains.

Roloff has frequently shared pictures of her post-baby belly, which has stretch marks and which still shows the effects of carrying a human being inside of it for nine months.

Sadly, she’s frequently faced criticism for doing so, as well.

“We’re still fat shaming? In 2022? This is me judging you. Get a hobby,” Isabel recently fired back after some loser gave her a hard time for showing off her figure in a plunging swimsuit and denim shorts.

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On the positive side, Roloff has been trying to also serve as a role model to new mothers — and to women everywhere who have questions or concerns about their bodies.

During an Instagram Q&A this summer, one follower mentioned they “struggling” with their “body image” since their “postpartum.”

This individual turned to Isabel and asked:

“How have you been dealing with this if you are?”

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In response, Roloff shared a photo of her stomach and said it was “soft” and “wrinkly,” adding that she had “no desire to “bounce back” to her former weight.

Heck, she’s proud of how she looks and feels now!

Isabel captioned the post:

“My body will never be the same. It was my baby’s first home. It shows that I did one of the hardest, most rewarding jobs. I’m proud of it.

“I hope you can see your body the same way. It’s an incredible thing.”

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What a great message, right?

Just six days ago, Isabel also paid tribute to both her son… and, to some extent, motherhood in general.

“‘Mama’ is my favorite title,” wrote Roloff as a caption to a professional photo shoot of herself and Mateo, adding:

“It will always be my biggest accomplishment. Bringing a soul into the world. THIS special little soul.”

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Jacob and Isabel Roloff seem like a happy couple. They welcomed their first child in late 2021.

Concluded the relatively new parent:

I used to think my worth was tethered to my accolades. The desire to impress people by my achievements; the certifications or degrees I acquired ran deep.

It felt like I was always trying to add to the list. Maybe if I did this or that, I would be more worthy of love.

Motherhood reminds me that it starts with me. That the love I seek is always there and I don’t need to do anything to earn it. I am now inspired to strip it all back.

What is my heart called to do? What lights me up? What did I love to do as a child? More of that, only more of that.

And most importantly for me, prioritizing motherhood first. Focusing on raising Mateo to be a good human. Letting my life speak for itself, instead of shouting out into the world that I am worthy.

I have always been worthy.