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Another episode of The Bachelorette… another apology from a misbehaving contestant.

Last week, Jacob Rapini issued a mea culpa after the rude way in which he dismissed advances from Gabby Windey, telling the co-lead on air that she’s “smoking,” but he could NEVER see himself being with her.

Now, in the wake of another uncomfortable Bachelorette episode?

Hayden Markowitz has something to say.

On August 1, Hayden referred to Rachel Recchia and Gabby as “bitches,” who couldn’t “hold a candle” to his ex-girlfriend, a stunning statement that came in the wake of Markowitz alsoo saying Windey was “rough around the edges.”


“For those who watched tonight’s episode, you saw me at my absolute worst and lowest moment,” the 29-year-old wrote on Instagram after the installment aired.

“I have always tried to carry myself with humility and respect for others.”

He continued as follows:

“However, my complete lapse of judgement was not only disappointing but it was absolutely unacceptable.

“I genuinely want to express my deepest apologies to both Gabby and Rachel for my actions.

“I take full responsibility for not being the man I was raised to be in those moments, especially towards these two wonderful deserving ladies who I truly do respect.”

Photo via ABC

Rachel ultimately eliminated Hayden priorr to the rose ceremony on Monday’s episode … after giving him a rose during the July 25 installment of the reality program.

“Bye Hayden #TheBachelorette,” Katie Thurston Tweeted in the wake of his elimination alongside a clip of Drake clapping.

Wrote Hayden after he was kept around several days ago:

“What a night, with so many emotions going on I have to say I have an overwhelming amount of respect for Gabby and Rachel.

“Looking back I can definitely say I may not be the most eloquent with words at times but I aimed my heart in the direction of my intentions.

“Extremely glad Rachel saw me for who I am inside and allowed me to continue the journey with her.”

This past Monday, however, Hayden defended himself to the other men, saying that Gabby was a hypocrite and he couldn’t see himself with Rachel.

“I really feel like this is the end of my rope,” Rachel told Hayden when confronting him about his remarks.

“I’m hitting roadblock after roadblock after roadblock, and I can’t keep doing it.

“I can’t really keep dealing with it. Can I walk you out?”

In his apology, Markowitz went on to say that he wasn’t “mentally or emotionally prepared” to appear on the series — and he despises how his experience ended.

“Despite how everything transpired, it was an amazing experience that I will never forget and will learn from,” he wrote.

“I wish Gabby and Rachel all the best and hope they can accept my apology!”

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday, Gabby said:

“It’s nice, of course, to hear an apology. But … I think he did … just outright lie and thought that he couldn’t get caught.”

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Rachel, meanwhile, told ET that she and Gabby “just ultimately look forward to having a conversation with [Hayden] at Men Tell All.”

In regards to his post, she said that she hadn’t spoken to him since his departure, telling TheWrap:

“When it’s a public apology, it doesn’t feel as personal.”