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Garrick Merrifield touched down in Brazil this week on the latest episode of Seeking Sister Wife.

And then the polygamous husband wasted no time taking off with potential future mate, Roberta, if you know what we mean!

We mean… the two almost immediately got into bed together and had sex.

Garrick Merrifield touches down here in Brazil and greets his potential next spouse.

As fans of this controversial series know well, Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield previously met Roberta and agreed to bring her into their household.

But, at the time this episode was filmed, the Brazil native had been in her native country for months… despite supposedly having a visa that allowed her to travel to the United States.

On Monday evening’s installment, the couple hired a translator and set themselves up in an Airbnb and then waited for Roberta to arrive.

“It’s pretty unreal seeing Roberta again for the first time,” Dannielle told the camera after the trio hugged. “It feels surreal.”

For her part, Roberta — who was quickly left alone with Garrick — opened up about how excited she was to see her potential future spouse again.

“For me, seeing Garrick, who gets so emotional when he sees me, and when he talks about me and our relationship, it brings me so much peace,” she said on air.

“It brings me so much joy because I have never met someone with a heart as pure as his.”

Garrick felt the same way.

Welcome... Lea?!?

“Me and Roberta, we’re just emotional as a family reuniting, which is great,” he told viewers.

“I mean, definitely I was hoping for that, and wanted to see that before we got into some serious talks about Roberta having to book this plane ticket.”

At dinner that night, Roberta broke into tears at the prospect of joining the Merrifield’s marriage.

“I am not gonna lie, it’s very beautiful and difficult. Very beautiful because this is everything I’ve always wanted,” she confessed.

“I’ve never felt so much love before. But it’s still a long way off because we’re not together.”

Garrick Merrifield, Ex-Wife

At first, Dannielle seems to echo this sentiment, gushing over the prospect of Roberta coming to America.

“I think I’m just amazed because, like, because I felt the same way, exactly how she felt and what she’s saying,” Dannielle noted.

But then Garrick and Roberta whisked themselves away for some private time inside the rental house — and Dannielle was forced to deal with what that meant.

Garrick & Dannielle Merrifield
Garrick & Dannielle Merrifield are key cast members on the TLC reality show Seeking Sister Wife.

“You know, it has been so long since we’ve seen Roberta, and it’s been a long time since Garrick and her have had intimacy,” she said via confessional.

“So, I think, you know, there’s those thoughts that come up and try to tempt you — and insecurities that try to creep back in with jealousies.

“But I am just putting those out of my head, and really hope that Garrick and Roberta have a good night together.”

Garrick Merrifield Photo

How… generous of her? We guess?

How odd of an arrangement all around, although critics have often trashed Garrick for being a horn ball.

The episode ended with an impending night full of sweet love making for two-thirds of the Merrifields, along with Roberta saying the following when asked by Garrick if she wanted to move to Colorado:

“Yeah, of course.”