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90 Day Fiance fans are seeing two very different perspectives as a longtime couple divorces.

Through leaked court documents, we’re seeing Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno’s ugly divorce in real time.

On The Family Chantel, we are also witnessing the fall of their marriage as it happened.

The divorce is no surprise. What is a surprise is that, of all people, Pedro’s mom seems to be sympathetic to Chantel.

Things are downhill and only getting worse between Chantel and Pedro on The Family Chantel.

Everyone felt surprised when Chantel took a surprise trip to the Dominican Republic.

Of all things, she wanted to speak to Lidia, her mother-in-law, to patch things up.

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Lidia has never liked Chantel. Actually, that’s an understatement.

Chantel does have another motive for trying to repair this never-there bond with her MIL.

She hopes to get advice for how to resolve things with Pedro. Who would know better than his mom?

Chantel acknowledges that this was not solely Pedro’s fault, and that her brother shares some blame. But she really wants to move forward. In the mean time, nothing has changed or been resolved.

“Chantel seems to be hurt,” Lidia reflected during the episode.

Speaking to the confessional, she shared: “As a woman, i took her side, a bit.”

“But,” Lidia continued, “I was more curious to see what is Pedro’s version.”

After days (or weeks) of everyone around Pedro constantly roasting and ridiculing his wife, he invites them to come with him and with Chantel for drinks, so that they can get to know her.

Lidia had a video call with her son. Pedro was clearly unhappy when he learned that his wife was there.

“What is she doing there right now?” Pedro demanded.

He asked: “What does she want to talk to you about?”

It’s more than just the fight last year, or the fact that Chantel’s mom purchased a taser specifically to use to intimidate him the next time that he comes over. There are problems that need to be worked out.

“She came to make amends,” Lidia explained to her son.

“That she has situations with the family,” she noted, “that she wanted to have a conversation.”

Lidia said that this is “because you don’t give her attention. It’s work and work.”

She tells him about her concerns about his mother and sister. Remember, Obed told Chantel that the two of them met as part of a scheme by Pedro’s family to get him papers, all done without his knowledge.

“How can she go down there to talk to you?” Pedro insisted.

“That already upsets me,” he expressed.

Pedro then asked his mother: “How can she go there to talk to you behind my back without telling me?”

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Lidia shared that Chantel had gifted her a pair of Gucci sunglasses as a present.

But Pedro felt that this was nothing short of a bribe.

He told the confessional that his mother is a “gold digger,” and did not stop there.

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“My mom likes to get [gifts] and Chantel [knows] that,” Pedro announced, as if this were not a normal description of any person.

“If she [is trying] to save my marriage,” he accused, “you don’t need to bring some glasses or bring things to my mom.”

Pedro demanded that Chantel: “Just bring your heart and that’s it. [Don’t] try to put my mom against me.”

Chantel and Pedro Selfie
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Pedro found a way to turn the tables on Chantel, despite her having greased the wheels with his mom.

He told his mom that Chantel had embarrassed him in front of his coworkers.

That’s … certainly one way of putting it. But there are definitely two sides to that encounter.

“He has a new job and he doesn’t have time for anything anymore,” Lidia acknowledged to the camera.

“I’ve called him myself and it’s always, ‘There’s a client, I’ll call you later,'” she recalled. “So I understand Chantel is right about that.”

Lidia then remarked: “But to embarrass him in front of his coworkers? That’s not right.”