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Last month, Amber Portwood lost custody of her son.

This is not her first loss in court. That’s a bit of an understatement, actually.

Despite Amber’s criminal history and personal struggles, some of her castmates felt surprised.

In fact, some expressed astonishment, even sorrow. Do they see a side of Amber that fans and the courts don’t?

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Amber Portwood sits back here and is captured by MTV cameras during an episode of Teen Mom OG.

Andrew Glennon hoped to return to California, where he can work. In fact, he had job offers lined up.

However, he and Amber Portwood remained tied to each other forever by their son, James.

Andrew might have been less eager to move away if Amber hadn’t attacked him, striking him and then hacking at the door with a machete.

Glennon, Andrew
Andrew Glennon of Teen Mom OG – Amber Portwood’s former lover – on a recent installment of the hit MTV series.

After family court heard both sides’ arguments, they reached a decision.

Andrew now has custody of James.

The court is allowing Andrew to move, with James. Amber feels devastated.

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Briana DeJesus and her new boyfriend, Javier Gonzalez, are not worried about the coronavirus. And they demonstrated their lack of concern on this week’s Teen Mom 2.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter‘s premiere is only weeks away.

When Briana DeJesus was promoting the show, she shared: “I’ve talked to Amber, I’ve reached out.”

She added: “I told her I’m always here if she needs anything.”

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Briana DeJesus decided to let it all hang out in a pair of recent interviews. And Teen Mom 2 fans are likely to have a very mixed reaction to her comments.

Briana commented: “She seems to be doing okay.”

Relatively speaking anyway.

Briana then admitted that Amber’s doing well “for, you know, what has come her way.”

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Cheyenne Floyd models for a fashion brand, looks pretty.

Cheyenne Floyd admitted that she felt “taken [aback]” over Amber’s custody loss.

“I feel like I’ve watched Amber from the beginning,” she noted.

“Then, being on this show with her,” Cheyenne explained, “I watched her in real life — in person.”

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Cheyenne Floyd stares at a friend here and has a discussion on an episode of Teen Mom OG.

Cheyenne noted that she has seen Amber “make changes and admit fault and grow.”

She then insisted: “She’s changed her life.”

Cheyenne added that this is the case “regardless of what anyone can say.”

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Leah Messer is in the car here, talking to fans on Instagram about her love life.

“I’ve talked to Amber,” Leah shared, without getting too specific about their conversation.

“And,” she continued, “I think Amber’s a very strong woman.”

That was … diplomatic.

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As we previously reported, Catelynn Lowell claimed that Amber’s loss was “undeserved” after the news broke.

“I love you. I’m so sorry that this is happening and SO undeserved,” she claimed in a social media post.

“He needs you in his life,” Catelynn alleged of Amber’s son, James.

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Looking great, Catelynn! Tyler shared this lovely photo of his wife on Instagram in late 2021.

“And,” Catelynn asserted, “what they decided is so wrong on so many levels.”

She affirmed: “YOU [know] ur truth and all the hard work you have done.”

Catelynn then instructed: “DON’T let ANYONE make you think differently! I’m here for you forever and always.”