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Rumors about various Real Housewives can range from things that are true to things that are absurd.

One rumor that has followed The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for years claims that there is an ongoing affair.

Dorit Kemsley is already married to PK. Mauricio Umansky is happily married to Kyle Richards.

Why the heck do some fans think that they’re boinking? Is there any truth to the rumors?

Some rumors are very specific to a place and time.

When it comes to what some fans speculate about Dorit and Mauricio, things are a little more vague.

In fact, this “affair” rumor has perked up, died down, only to rise back to the surface more than once. This summer, it’s back.

Dorit and Mauricio certainly seem to be comfortable around each other.

Even on screen, we have seen them appear closer than many of the Housewives are with each other’s spouses.

For that matter, some of the Housewives aren’t even that close with each other.

Dorit Kemsley in Pasadena
Dorit Kemsley poses here for a red carpet event in Pasadena, California in the year 2021.

To backtrack, Dorit Kemsley joined the show back in Season 7.

At the time, she was introduced via Lisa Vanderpump.

Kyle quickly welcomed Dorit into their friend group, and the two developed a bond that outlived Lisa’s time on the show.

Dorit and Kyle aren’t only friends on screen.

For the past six years, fans have seen the two out and about, often with their respective spouses in tow.

This has meant that Dorit and Mauricio have been hanging out, albeit usually with their partners present.

To hear the rumor-mongers tell it, Dorit and Mauricio have been bonding in an unseemly manner.

Is there any evidence of this? No.

But there are people who are utterly convinced that the two hooked up in Cabo.

A photo recently made the rounds on social media, showing the two in swimwear.

This is actually an older picture, dating back to a group trip from a couple of years ago.

However, some are citing this on Reddit as all but proof that the two are boning.

Well, they certainly are standing next to one another.

A recent blind item has claimed that a west coast Housewife is slipping it to another’s husband.

There’s more than one west coast series in the franchise, and many cast members on each.

Dorit Kemsley With the Signature Hair
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dorit Kemsley is pulling off tight ponytails with a twist and it is really making her stand out.

Of course, blind items can be as alarmingly real as Louis CK’s sexual misconduct or could amount to nothing.

We have no way of knowing the truth behind that blind item.

Mostly, this seems to have been an excuse for longtime shippers to imagine that these two hotties are going at it.

Kyle Richards is Visibly Shocked
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards expresses palpable shock at what she is hearing.

Here’s the thing: if someone wants to fantasize about Dorit and Mauricio boinking like bunnies, that’s fine.

There’s no such thing as thought crimes. Go write it up on Archive Of Our Own. Live your truth.

But unless actual evidence emerges … isn’t it kind of weird to start a rumor that could impact the marriages and lives of real people?