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Real Housewives.

Real bad blood between them.

On Saturday, Jill Zarin seemingly spoiled an upcoming Bravo surprise by stating the following on an Instagram Live video:

“Tamra’s coming back, and you know, my friend Vicki [Gunvalson]‘s not happy.”

This would be a reference to Judge reprising her role on The Real Housewives of Orange County after the franchise Jennifer Armstrong and Noella Bergener last week.

Judge, meanwhile, responded to a clip of the live stream via Twitter on July 16, making it clear she preferred if Zarin stayed out of her business.

“Go f–k yourself @JillZarin! You thirsty bitch!” Tweeted Tamra, later recording a video of her own on social media that opened with:

“Hey guys, I have a big announcement. Jill is the thirstiest bitch I’ve ever met.”

The Real Housewives of New York City alum, who was hosting her Luxury Luncheon in the Hamptons, returned to Instagram hours later to explain herself.

“I just have to straighten something out,” she said.

“This morning I was on my way to the event and I use the expression often, ‘breaking news,’ but it doesn’t mean that there’s anything breaking that wasn’t broken to me.

“I had read online that Vicki was not coming back and Tamra was — and I said that. I just repeated what I had read. I don’t have any inside information.

“Nobody talks to me at Bravo. I know absolutely nothing. I just repeated the news that was already printed.”

Jill Zarin Attends a Benefit
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We have similar heard that Judge and maybe Alexis Bellino will appear next season on The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Neither woman nor anyone associated with the series has confirmed this speculation, however.

Judge joined the show on Season 3 and stayed with the Bravo drama for 12 years, departing in January 2020 after being demoted to Friend.

She returned to the Housewives franchise earlier this year on Peacock’s The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: Ex-Wives Club.

Zarin insisted over the weekend that she believed Judge’s return was public knowledge.

“So I don’t know why Tamra attacked me today calling me ‘a thirsty bitch.’ Thirsty about what?”

She even tried to make nice with Tamra, concluding:

“’m so happy for you. You wanted this and I’m happy for you. Why is there any animosity?

“Anyway, we’re going to have to straighten that one out but congratulations anyway, and only wish the best for everybody.”