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Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip Season 2 has been full of surprises. And terrific lines from Phaedra.

Who knew that Dorinda could go so overboard that people might feel a twinge of sympathy for Vicki?

Speaking of things that we didn’t know, however, Tamra Judge says that she believes Brandi Glanville about Denise Richards.

Actually, it’s more than that — she claims that something “happened” with her and Denise.

As none of us can ever forget from RHOBH, Brandi Glanville felt betrayed by Denise Richards.

To hear her tell it, Denise had seduced her while lying to her about her marriage — making Brandi feel like a homewrecker.

Denise loudly, tearfully, and repeatedly denied this again and again. It was extremely messy.

At Dorinda’s Blue Stone Manor, the ladies of UGT were enjoying a “Christmas in September” event for whatever reason.

There, Brandi confessed that Denise had effectively broken her heart when she “hit it and quit it.”

Of course, Brandi being Brandi, she also called her a “booty-f–king-call bitch.”

Many of the Housewives were reluctant to weigh in firmly.

Dorinda noted that “who knows” what goes on in some marriages.

This was when Tamra admitted that Denise — who is also her friend — had called her after.

Denise had called Tamra for advice on how to handle the hookup.

According to Tamra, she had flatly denied the hookup.

Tamra advised her to simply deny it once and let it drop … advice that Denise infamously did not take to heart.

Eventually, Tamra came to a place where she had to weigh in on which Housewife she believed.

Initially, she had a slip of the tongue on this, but came down on Brandi’s side.

Not only does Tamra believe Brandi, but said that this came from personal experience.

Tamra told her castmates that “something happened at BravoCon” involving Denise.

“She hit on me too,” she said, clearly reluctantly.

Hilariously, Bravo included a disclaimer reading that “sources close to Denise have denied this.”

According to Tamra, this was at BravoCon in 2019, and it was no simple flirtatious wink.

She alleged that Denise sent her a series of text messages and asked Tamra to swing by her hotel room.

Tamra turned her down, citing that she is married. Had she been single … perhaps things would have gone differently.

In light of that, Tamra wonders if Denise reaching out when the Brandi story broke was damage control.

Perhaps, she speculated, Denise feared that she would say something.

Tamra, clearly feeling conflicted, then admitted that she supposed that Denise’s fears were justified, since she’s talking now.

Brandi felt gratitude that someone was finally backing her up, saying: “I appreciate that.”

Brandi expressed: “Thank you for telling me that.”

Meanwhile, Tamra had her own thoughts and reflections upon Denise.

“I think that Denise Richards is a very sexual soul,” Tamra characterized.

“Which she should be. She’s f–king gorgeous,” she praised accurately. “And I’ve had my own experience with her.”

Tamra admitted: “And nothing happened, but if I wasn’t married I might have banged her.”

Brandi praised Tamra as being “very sweet, and thoughtful, and kind” for sharing that.

She is unaccustomed to having people in her corner — especially fellow Housewives.

This was not a total vindication, but it was something.