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In recent episodes of 90 Day Fiance, we have heard so much about Shaeeda Sween and Bilal Hazziez’s prenup.

Even viewers who are enthusiastic fans of prenups in general haven’t liked what they’ve heard. Her attorney agreed.

Most of us have whiteknuckled it through Bilal’s Lifetime original psychological thriller vibes. But Shaeeda also has her critics.

Now, she’s calling out the most common criticism that viewers direct at her.

Shaeeda notes that in Trinidad, it’s not uncommon for women in particular to stay home. Menstruation and breastfeeding are two reasons that she cites, but there can be others. Bilal feels differently, and Shaeeda calls him out for taking on a lecturing tone when he describes jumah as less than optional.

Shaeeda Sween debuted a TikTok video, which you can see below, in which she poked a little fun at her critics.

“When he is not your type,” the text begins.

“But,” the caption continues, “you got a studio bill to pay.”

Shaeeda is left to her own devices for hours while Bilal goes to take his kids to practice, and while she spends the time doing yoga, it’s strange. She’s in an unfamiliar place, so it’s not like she can just go home easily. She has to wait until Bilal is ready to talk.

However, what truly drew people’s attention was not the caption, but the text on her shirt.

Shaeeda’s hot pink top displayed the words: “Golddigger Yogi.”

In fact, that shirt is so very specific that one has to wonder if Shaeeda — or Bilal — had it custom made to order.

TikTok is first and foremost an algorithmic hell app designed to monetize everyday influencers until AI influencers can replace them.

But even that absolute cesspool of frenzied teens and obnoxious trends and dangerous misinformation has its gems.

If we ignore the Uncanny Valley Blob dancing beside Shaeeda in the video, it’s actually pretty cute.

The reason that it’s cute is because Shaeeda is very clearly not a golddigger.

It’s funny, because sometimes 90 Day Fiance fans accuse women on the show of being “golddiggers” no matter the finances of their man.

Bilal is actually rich … but that doesn’t make Shaeeda a golddigger.

Shaeeda affirms that Bilal is the one for her. She also mentions that she wants kids. While Bilal is still shying away from saying “well I don’t,” he does open up about his fears — of another divorce, and especially of another divorce involving new children. That’s not the whole truth, but it’s the truth. Progress.

In fact, if we recall their first episodes, Shaeeda did not even know that Bilal was rich.

She suspected, yes, upon seeing his nicer clothes and luggage when he visited her in Trinidad.

But he actively hid his wealth from her. Then, when she came to the US, he played his “prank.”

Bilal Hazziez Pranks Shaeeda Sween with Dilapidated House on 90 Day Fiance (Recap)

Bilal’s “prank” was not really a prank, of course, but an elaborate test.

(It was also a huge, glaring red flag that Shaeeda chose to overlook)

He picked her up in a work van and drove her to a dilapidated house to see how she would react.

A lot of homes take damage from weather, animals, and the passage of time, while remaining pristine within. A ceiling that is visibly falling apart (and the creepy lock on the outside of the bedroom doors) is very different, because that is inside of the house.

Shaeeda did not go “ew, you’re poor” and run for the hills, even though his dishonesty would have warranted a breakup.

Instead, she was so confused over how Bilal seemed so totally different than how he had presented himself before.

When Bilal revealed the truth, she was relieved. Allegedly, she had “pranked him first” before this. Does that make it okay?

Bilal takes Shaeeda to "his mom's" house
Shaeeda notices that the houses are getting nicer and the neighborhood more affluent as they drive. Then he takes her through the door of what we, the viewers, know to be Bilal’s home.

Shaeeda’s concerns about the prenup have to do with the chance of divorce, and what her financial state would be.

Bilal’s prenup would give her nothing — no spousal support or alimony — except what she might make on her own.

Translation? Shaeeda might never be able to become a stay-at-home mom, because she would lose her income.

Shaeeda Sween hopes to explain her position and even offer a compromise. Should she be the one compromising here?

So, yes, that is why she wants Bilal’s help starting a yoga studio. Besides, it’s her passion, and she gave up her old one to be with him.

She uprooted her entire life to move to the US only for the man she loves to tell her that she gets nothing in a divorce.

That’s truly not what a golddigger is. That’s just a fiancee advocating for herself … and she’s barely even doing that.