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This season, Mohamed Abdelhamed’s desire for a green card has not been a secret.

Whether it’s honesty, editing, or both, we’ve heard him talk more about documentation than his love for Yvette.

Meanwhile, Yve transformed her diet and wardrobe to please Mohamed.

Are Mohamed and Yvette still together?

Obviously, Yvette and Mohamed cannot openly announce their marital status.

Not yet — not until this season ends and the Tell All airs.

The Tell All filmed in June and will air next month.

But we don’t have to wait that long.

Yvette had a wedding, and it does not look like it was Mohamed’s “dream” wedding in a casual courthouse setting.

Instead, Instagram makes it clear that Yvette had a gorgeous flower bouquet.

Brujas Buenas New Mexico posted on Instagram about the floral arrangement.

The brand made the bouquet for their “beautiful friend’s wedding.”

Yve wrote a now deleted comment, thanking them for making the day “extra special.”

Yvette admitted that she “got chills just thinking” about that happy moment.

Many 90 Day Fiance fans also get chills at the idea of the two marrying … but not in the same way.

While we do not have an exact date, it looks like Yve and Mohamed married in January or before.

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There are no “bombshell” rumors about these two from the Tell All — unlike some pregnant castmates.

But reports do claim that they were still together in June when they flew to New York to film the Tell All.

There is a chance that the two split after filming the Tell All, but a small one. Maybe Mohamed got what he wanted after all.

On the most recent episode of 90 Day Fiance, Mohamed called his mother.

He has always been close to her, which is why he expected Yve to wait on him hand and foot.

Mohamed was hoping that she would reinforce his ideas about forcing Yvette to change.

In contrast, she told him the opposite.

Reminding him that Yvette lives in a different place, she told him that he should not try to make Yvette live and dress like an Egyptian Muslim woman.

She also advised him to not “try to control” his fiancee.

She also asked that Mohamed adjust to his new life with his future wife.

What’s more, she suggested that he make this adjustment without being “cranky.”

Did Mohamed know what she meant? Apparently not. But viewers understood perfectly.

Mohamed’s mother asked him to simply respect his soon-to-be wife and let her be her own person.

Naturally, Mohamed disagreed.

He did, however, display a very different attitude when the two of them went out to dinner.

After a little bit of questioning about the wine menu (Yve promised to not order anything), he had a surprise for her.

Mohamed re-proposed to her, affirming his commitment to marrying her.

This was, Yvette revealed on social media, the third time that he gifted her a ring.

Of course, people weren’t so sure that Mohamed and Yve are still together.

Fans saw a photo of Yvette out at a club, no Mohamed in sight, with a mystery man standing just behind her.

Some got their hopes up. It would be nice to think that Yvette moved on to a man who respects her.

A more likely explanation may simply be that Yve took a pic with a fan.

Mohamed may have been elsewhere, or hanging out with friends, or at home with Tharan.

If the two break up, we’re sure that it won’t remain a secret for long.