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Every time that we think that Kylie Jenner couldn’t possibly spend more money or widen her carbon footprint, she surprises us.

Or maybe she just came up with a new, fun prank for her fans.

Kylie welcomed Baby #3, The Infant Formerly Known As Wolf, just shy of six months ago.

Now, she is strongly hinting that she is pregnant with her third child. Yes, with Travis Scott.

Kylie Jenner Shares Labor Video in Sweet Tribute to Son Wolf

Travis Scott’s Instagram post was innocuous enough.

It wasn’t even a thirst trap. Well, not for most people, anyway.

Leaning against a city building, he simply captioned the casual pic: “Got there in a New York minute.”

Kylie “liked” the photo, which on its own is pretty meaningless.

She shares two kids with the guy. It’s no big deal.

However, her comment — a thirsty tongue-sticking-out emoji followed by four pregnancy emojis — turned heads.

Kylie Jenner is Glad It's Over

Many emojis have multiple meanings — some are even contradictory.

(Who among us has forgotten when Rob Kardashian used a string of eggplant emojis to talk about his mom? She’d made eggplant soup)

But the most obvious meaning of a pregnant person emoji is that a person is pregnant. That’s common sense.

Kylie, Travis, & Stormi
Insiders say Kylie Jenner is determined to welcome a second child with Travis Scott. And it sounds as though the process is already underway!

Let’s see … Kylie gave birth to The Infant Formerly Known As Wolf on February 1, 2022.

(By the way, some fans think that his name is “Sage,” but … that’s purely speculation at this point)

Next Monday, the wee babe will be six months old. That is enough time to get pregnant again.

Kylie Jenner Baby Announcement
This is the way Kylie Jenner announced she had welcomed a second child. What a precious photo!

Technically, medical experts recommend giving your body 18 months of rest after childbirth before having another kid.

We all know that not everyone follows that advice. Sometimes, intentionally.

Kylie and Travis would have been able to start safely having sex again months ago.

Kylie In a Black Bikini
Kylie Jenner is seen rocking a black bikini on a trip to Mexico in this pic. The woman knows how to have fun.

Pregnancy #3 could have happened in that time.

While some couples have to try for a year or more to conceive, Kylie and Travis have never had that problem.

Remember, Kylie became pregnant as a teen just weeks after she and Travis got together. It happened then and could happen again.

Kylie Jenner Displays Her Baby Bump
Kylie Jenner took to Instagram on Thursday, January 6 while wearing an open pair of jeans and a crop top.

It is sometimes difficult to understand how Kylie thinks.

She was born rich, and has only become wealthier since then.

Ideas like “living expenses” and “free time” work so differently for her that she might make decisions that few of us can imagine.

Travis, Kylie, Stormi
It’s been several months since Travis Scott has appeared on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram page. But the cosmetics mogul broke that streak today.

But … that doesn’t actually mean that Kylie already has her third baby on the way.

Despite the speculation, there may be a simpler explanation for the photo.

Kylie may have just been horny for Travis Scott.

We do not have to understand Kylie’s thirst to recognize that her pregnancy emojis might not be literal.

After all, her “the next thing I knew, I was pregnant” line has been heavily memed in recent years — often to convey horniness.

It only makes sense that Kylie might make a similar reference. Or, you know, she might be working on Baby #3.