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As you’re probably aware, this year’s Fourth of July festivities were tinged with political controversy.

As a pair of mass shootings made headlines, Americans continued to debate the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 ruling that had protected reproductive rights for nearly 50 years.

From the moment the decision became official last month, countless celebrities began to speak out against it.

Many vocalized their objections again on Monday, reminding fans that Independence Day celebrations are cruelly ironic in a year when so many American have been stripped of their rights.

Among the stars who spoke out against the SCOTUS decision on the Fourth were Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner, who both shared the following message on their Instagram Stories:

“4th of July has been canceled due to a shortage of Independence. Sincerely, Women.”

Hundreds of thousands shared Kim’s message of defiance, including a number of prominent influencers and media figures.

But some fans objected to Kim’s pro-choice remarks, with many accusing the billionaire businesswoman of rank hypocrisy.

Some pointed out that Kim and her sisters continued to offer Fourth of July discounts for their various brands, despite their declaration that the holiday had been “canceled” this year.

Others noted that Kim has endorsed Los Angeles mayoral candidate Rick Caruso.

Caruso is running as a Democrat, but he spent most of his career as a Republican, and he’s vocally anti-choice.

“It’s so evident to me that her posting against the Roe v Wade overturn is a complete PR move because she supports pro-life candidates,” one Reddit user wrote in response to Kim’s Roe post.

“She doesn’t care about women’s rights, she just wants you to think she does.”

Others agreed, with one user theorizing that Kim is secretly a Republican.

“This is the same woman who just endorsed a pro-life candidate,” this person observed.

While it seems unlikely that Kim would bother to lie about her party affiliation, her beliefs are probably slightly to the right of most celebs.

After all, until very recently, the mother of four was married to evangelical Trump supporter.

We’re not saying that she agreed with all of Kanye’s rightwing views, but they certainly didn’t seem to be a dealbreaker for her.

Kim is cagey about her political beliefs, but many who have watched her closely over the years believe that she’s periodically “let the mask slip,” so to speak, and revealed that she holds some surprisingly conservative views.

For example, when Kim recently complained that Americans “don’t want to work” anymore, she sounded suspiciously like a Republican lawmaker who’s looking to take a hatchet to the social safety net.

Kim apologized for the remarks, but it’s important to bear in mind that she’s a master of public relations.

So it’s not surprising that so many people believe Kim and her family are criticizing the Supreme Court only because that’s the popular thing to do at the moment.

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If we had to guess, we would say that Kim is being sincere in her remarks.

But that’s the problem with changing one’s views in order to match the public consensus:

Even when you’re being sincere, there are those who will doubt the strength of your convictions.