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In the month of June, SCOTUS abolished half a century of human rights by overturning Roe v Wade.

Right now, state laws are the only thing protecting millions of Americans from state-mandated childbirth.

Katy Perry was one of many who wasn’t feeling up to the Fourth of July during this national nightmare.

But she’s being slammed for major hypocrisy after a mind-boggling political endorsement.

Katy Perry is far from the only woman feeling a bit like a plastic bag right now.

If Halloween had personally stripped tens of millions of Americans of their human rights, people might skip the costume parties.

It was the same with the Fourth of July. Katy joined many others in expressing her heartbreak.

Elsewhere on social media, she joined other celebrities in posting that the holiday is “canceled” in light of the abortion rights crisis.

Katy is not personally in danger of state-mandated childbirth, both because of where she lives and because of her wealth.

But it is a good thing to support human rights, even when yours are intact.

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Unless, you know, you’re being a hypocrite.

Katy was immediately inundated with expressions of frustration.

Why? Because of a tone deaf political endorsement that she made just one month earlier.

Rick Caruso has poured millions into his campaign to be mayor of Los Angeles.

The former Republican is a favorite among out-of-touch mega-millionaires like Gwyneth Paltrow, Kim Kardashian, and Katy Perry.

Meanwhile, critics say that Caruso is posing as a Democrat in order to win.

There is no credible doubt that many of Caruso’s policies would spell catastrophe for Los Angeles citizens.

His plan to enlarge the LAPD by thousands of officers sounds like a plot to turn downtown into a playground for the rich.

But while Caruso’s policies sound like they will inevitably lead to death and suffering for LAPD citizens, gullible celebrities are fawning over him.

Is he a proponent of state-mandated childbirth?

If you asked Caruso now, he would almost certainly tell you “no.”

The accusations come from his history of political donations.

Caruso has spent millions in donations towards political malefactors like Mitch McConnell.

It was McConnell who helped mastermind the years-long schemes that planted three anti-abortion radicals on SCOTUS in recent years.

How can a man who actively helped McConnell retain his death-grip on power claim to support human rights?

Planned Parenthood has asked the same question.

The political arm of the nationwide healthcare provider has openly questioned Caruso’s commitment to abortion rights.

He needs to clearly and unequivocally affirm his support … and, ideally, explain

There are countless other reasons for which Caruso shouldn’t be mayor, but that is another matter.

Right now, Katy Perry and others are feeling some blowback.

Sometimes, public condemnation is the only thing that convinces famous, out-of-touch millionaires to rethink their destructive choices.

Why did critics single out Katy Perry among the Caruso Clown Brigade?

Our guess is because this was over Fourth of July weekend.

“Firework” was on many minds and many speakers. Not a great time for Katy to embarrass herself.