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It’s looking more and more like Kailyn Lowry’s time as part of the Teen Mom franchise has come to an end.

Which is a shame, because Kail has enough drama in her life to support a dozen reality shows.

As is so often the case with Teen Mom stars, Kail’s latest drama involves her uterus and a seriously messed-up baby daddy.

Earlier this month, Lowry announced that she plans to get her tubes tied

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… But then the mother of four sort of confused the issue by stating that she’s open to the possibility of getting pregnant one last time before she undergoes the procedure.

Now, it seems like Kail might have had a reason for hedging her bets like that.

According to Chris Lopez, she was already pregnant at the time she made her statement.

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If you’re a Teen Mom fan, then you’re likely aware that Chris is one of Kail’s baby daddies and a constant thorn in her side.

Both parties have accused one another of abuse over the years, and this time it’s Lopez’s turn to make the allegations.

“Can somebody explain something to me?” Chris asked in a since-deleted Instagram Story earlier this week.

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Chris Lopez is now a father of three. He has two sons with Kailyn Lowry and a third with someone else.

“As a woman, what possesses you to say, ‘I will really beat you the f–k up,’ knowing that one, you can’t fight, and two, you’re not like that,” he continued, according to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

At that point, Chris moved over to Twitter for some reason, where he continued his tirade.

“Granted, I get it, your boyfriend’s in the car. But why would you want him to get his ass whooped for you? Now he going to hate you. Make that make sense, Kail Lowry,” he prattled on.

“Out here talking bout you’ll beat me up now you know you gotta protect the belly stop it.”

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Needless to say, there’s a lot to unpack here.

As far as we can tell, Chris is saying that Kail threatened to assault him while her boyfriend, Elijah Scott, sat in the car and looked on.

Not only that, she apparently did all of this while knocked up.

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These claims from Chris come on the heels of an episode of Kail’s “Barely Famous” podcast in which she discussed the possibility of having a fifth child with Elijah.

“I want to get my tubes tied,” Kail told her listeners.

“I guess whatever happens first…I would like to get my tubes tied this year, actually.”

Elijah does not have any kids of his own, and while Kail said that he would like to become a father, she also noted that she might not be up for another pregnancy.

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Kailyn Lowry is on the set of her podcast in this photo of the Teen Mom 2 cast member.

“I think the more time that goes on, the more I just don’t want more children because I feel like I’m spreading myself so thin, and all my kids are such different ages that they all need me for different parts of their lives right now,” Lowry said.

“I just don’t know.”

We guess in the end, Kail decided to welcome a fifth kid with a fourth baby daddy.

Of course, this information is coming from Chris Lopez — who’s not exactly the world’s most reliable source … on anything.