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On Monday, we reported on the news that Emily Ratajkowski and Sebastian Bear-McClard appeared to have separated after four years of marriage.

Now, new details of the split have emerged.

And Sebastian has been cast in the role of the internet’s most hated villain.

It appears that Sebastian cheated on Emily on numerous occasions.

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“They split recently. It was Em’s decision. She is doing okay,” a source close to the situation has confirmed to People.

“She is strong and focused on her son. She loves being a mom.”

So that’s the press release version of the split (the “source” who spoke to People was almost certainly a rep for Emily) but what really happened here?

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Well, details are scarce, but it seems that Emily and Sebastian are not exactly parting ways on amicable terms.

One insider tells Page Six that McClard is a “serial cheater,” saying:

“Yeah, he cheated. He’s a serial cheater. It’s gross. He’s a dog.”

Emily has yet to comment on the cheating allegations, but it seems that her outraged friends are speaking out on her behalf.

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“‘It’s, like, known that her husband has cheated on her and they’re filing for divorce,” comedian Claudia Oshry said in a podcast interview on Thursday of last week.

Oschry is one of several Ratajkowski associates who have confirmed that McClard’s cheating had become something of an open secret.

Was Emily the last to know, or did she initially tolerate Sebastian’s infidelity?

Emily Ratajkowski and Sebastian Bear on Instagram
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We may never know for sure.

Emily and Sebastian welcomed their first child in 2021, and it’s possible that Ratajkowski hoped to make the marriage work for the sake of her son.

But whatever the case, it seems the model and activist has now made up her mind that she and her philandering ex are through.

Emily Ratajkowski, Husband
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Sources have confirmed that Emily is “talking with lawyers” with the goal of bringing about the legal end of her marriage as quickly as possible.

The timeline of Sebastian’s infidelities and the subsequent separation is still unclear, but it seems that the investor and film producer got busted sometime in the past few weeks.

Emily and Sebastian were among many A-list couples who attended the wedding of famed talent agent Ari Emanuel in May.

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The couple was also spotted together in June while vacationing in Italy.

But Sebastian has not appeared on Emily’s Instagram page since May of 2022.

And in recent weeks, Emily was spotted not wearing her wedding ring on more than one occasion.

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The fact that this all happened so quickly seems to bolster the theory that Emily was blindsided by the revelation that Sebastian had been sleeping with other women.

Fortunately, it seems that she did not hesitate to kick McClard to the curb once she found out about his infidelity.

The divorce will likely be a costly one for the mega-wealthy McClard, and social media has already turned against him in a major way.

But surely none of that pain can match the regret that comes with messing up a relationship to freakin’ Emily Ratajkowski.