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Even if some of the backlash has been deeply unfair, Emily Bieberly and Kobe Blaise are no one’s favorite couple.

They have spoken to each other in unacceptable tones. They have disrespected each other’s wishes.

Of course, Emily’s second pregnancy also reportedly gave them a baby girl several months ago.

Now, Emily is embarking upon her weight loss journey. It won’t make haters like her, but she’s doing it for herself.

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90 Day Fiance Season 9 viewers have not exactly been kind to Emily.

Not all of them.

But the usual batch of vocal critics who “by coincidence” hate almost every woman have made Emily their #1 Enemy this season.

Only part of the backlash has been body-shaming, but has certainly played a role.

We suppose that we shouldn’t be surprised that 90 Day Fiance‘s infamous misogynists aren’t that creative.

Emily, who gave birth 17 months before the season began and became pregnant during the season, must have made an “easy” target.

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This week, however, Emily revealed that she is working on her post-baby body.

While “bouncing back” is seldom a realistic body standard, let alone a healthy one, Emily is putting in the effort.

On Wednesday, she gave followers a glance as she worked out at the gym, followed by a mirror selfie.

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“Everyday we get a little closer,” Emily captioned the photo.

Her Instagram Story pic also included a timestamp, revealing that she was up at 5:55 in the morning.

Most of us who are conscious at such a more-reasonable-as-a-bedtime hour are up for work, but Emily was already working out.

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Some people who have completed successful fitness journeys have recommended an early start. 

(Of course, anyone is going to recommend what worked for them — that doesn’t mean that it’s universal)

It’s good to see that Emily is in a position where she has time to work out first thing in the morning, even with two small children.

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Season 9 has already shown us that Emily is pregnant.

She and Kobe did not use birth control after Kobe “refused” based upon medical misinformation.

We don’t know why Emily decided to humor him. We suppose that it was either lie to him, break up, or go along with it.

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Even before the on-camera pregnancy news, fans had already learned about Baby #2.

A fan spotted some of the cast when they filmed the Tell All last month, and saw Emily and Kobe’s daughter.

Reports say that Emily is not the only one in the cast, adding Kara Bass and possibly even Thais Ramone.

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Emily and Kobe clearly have a lot of issues that they have to resolve in order to be a successful couple.

All that we have seen of them was filmed last year, of course.

We would love to imagine that they are able to better respect each other and get along now than they were back then.

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We would like to believe that Emily and Kobe are a happy and healthy couple.

But they did not really seem to have that much potential for it.

Now that they share two children, however, they may feel that they have no choice but to stay together for as long as they can.