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Audrey Roloff has clearly had it with all the hate.

The former Little People, Big World star has long been criticized for the way she lives her life and the way she talks about living her life, often coming across like a know-it-all.

Most recently, for example, the mother of three was roundly mocked for the confusing way she discussed parenthood and all it entails.

And now, in yet another example of the disdain social media users have for Roloff?

A handful of trolls have jumped all over Audrey for the depiction of her home in a recent Instagram photo.

“Not a judgment at all, but I just don’t know how that happens,” read one remark in regard to the apparent mess.

“I raised [three] kids too and was a stay at home mom. My house never looked like that.”

This, of course, is a total and complete judgment.

It’s classic Internet trolling to look at one photo of a stranger and then decide you should write a negative comment about what you just saw, as if you have any clue about that individual’s life at all.

The TLC personality responded to the critique in mature fashion, however.

She shared a GIF of someone sarcastically applauding above the message, prior sharing a separate DM she received from another user.

Shortly afterward, Roloff shared a separate Story that featured numerous DMs from supportive fans.

“That is 100 percent judgment!!” one person wrote in a DM to her, adding:

“My house looks like that with two kids, and I work from home! It’s more important having fun with the kids than running [around] tidying up after them!”

Others, meanwhile, pointed out that Audrey isn’t a stay-at-home mother.

She hosts a podcast. She writes books. She sells essential oils and other organic items.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff in Hawaii
Photo via Instagram

“They probably didn’t run several business on top of it lol [sic],” one fan explained in defense of the ex-reality star.

“Y’all work … nuff said …. Haters gonna hate,” another weighed in, whereas a third asked Audrey in a DM:

“Did you inform her that you’re not a stay at home mom? You’re a working mom.”

For the most part, Audrey let these followers speak for her, choosing to fight back against the backlash by proving that it’s only been coming from a vocal minority.

Audrey Roloff in Sweats
Photo via Instagram

In related news, the messy home in question just got sold for a huge profit.

“We bought a farm!” Roloff told fans on June 12, elaborating at the time:

“We’ve got a lot of work to do to bring our vision to life, but Jer and I are excited to finally have some space to get our feet dirty (literally) and bring our dreams of using land into reality.

“For now, I just want to say thank you for being someone who has been following us on this journey for the last two years and offered encouragement and prayers as we have patiently pursued some land for our family.”