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Back in March, Samantha Markle filed a lawsuit against her sister, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Needless to say, it’s not the kind of face-off that the American court system sees very often.

And while the trial and the media circus surrounding this frivolous nonsense will no doubt be highly amusing, we were hoping that Meghan would be successful in her efforts to have the case dismissed before it went to trial.

Alas, it doesn’t look like that will be the case.

According to a new report from Us Weekly, a judge has once again denied Meghan’s request to have Samantha’s defamation suit dismissed.

The suit stems from Meghan’s interview with Oprah Winfrey that aired in March of 2021.

The interview focused almost entirely on Meghan’s experiences with the British Royal Family, but Samantha claims that Meghan somehow caused irreparable damage to her career and reputation during the broadcast.

It's Meghan Markle

Samantha was barely mentioned during the interview, and her chances of success in court are slim.

But Meghan is likely hoping to avoid a humiliating court case in which her private affairs will be aired in a public setting.

Unfortunately, Samantha only stands to benefit from such a media circus.

In her latest motion to dismiss, Meghan alleged that Samantha “deleted numerous specific factual allegations and exhibits from her original complaint,” claiming that the facts would “completely undermine” Samantha’s case.

These allegations pertained to a secondary aspect of Samantha’s suit — namely, the claim that she was defamed in Finding Freedom, a 2020 book written by journalists Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand.

(Meghan was not involved with the book, but Samantha’s team claims that the authors were secretly working on her behalf.)

Meghan at the Invictus Games

“Most obviously, her original complaint attached a 2018 email from Meghan to the then-Communications Secretary of Kensington Palace, Jason Knauf, that Plaintiff alleged was the basis for the allegedly defamatory statements in Finding Freedom,” Meghan’s filing reads.

“However, the email on its face disproved Plaintiff’s claim that Meghan was somehow responsible for the authors’ allegedly defamatory statements in Finding Freedom,” the document continues.

“Indeed, in her desperation to save her case, Plaintiff quite literally fabricated one of the statements, as evidenced by the missing interview transcript.”

Meghan Markle with a Very Large Hat

The Finding Freedom argument will likely be difficult for Samantha’s lawyers to prove, as Meghan is not the author of the book.

Instead, the attorneys will primarily focus on the Oprah interview and their claim that Meghan lied when she explained that she barley knows Samantha.

“I grew up as an only child, which everyone who grew up around me knows, and I wished I had siblings. I would have loved to have had siblings,” Meghan said, adding that she had not seen Samantha in nearly 20 years.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with Oprah

“[She] changed her last name back to Markle in her early 50s … only when I started dating Harry. So, I think that says enough.”

That was the full extent of Meghan’s comments on her wicked half-sister, but apparently that was all it took to ruin Samantha’s financial prospects.

When your career doesn’t actually exist, we guess it makes sense that it can be destroyed by two sentences!